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Getting rid of candida

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Ok, I've searched all over the Internet but just cannot manage to find an answer!

To the point; I think I have some candida (probably not very badly, but at least too much), and I want to get rid of it. I am sure I can manage to follow 'the candida diet' mentioned on numerous websites (see for instance: http://www.herbalremediesinfo.com/candida-diet.html) pretty closely (I've unconsciously been following a diet pretty close to it for like 9 months already), but I know I just won't be able to do it perfectly for 4 consecutive weeks; In particular;

- I won't manage to not drink alcohol for four weeks (instead I'd be drinking it probably at twice a week). (It's not that I'm an addict, I just don't want to cut back on this part of my social life.)

- If possible I'd preferably like to stick with peanut butter (maybe I can manage to not take it for four weeks, but my feeling is, if I'm taking alcohol already anyway, either the diet won't help me getting rid of the candida anyway, or alternatively, 'cheating' a bit in the diet is possible, and then the peanut butter will probably go fine as well, as long as I stick ot all other diet rules.)

So now my question basically is:

Is it possible to get rid of candida without perfectly following the 'candida diet' for at least four weeks? Would for instance eating lots of a certain food/herb (e.g. freh garlic cloves), taking a certain 'natural medicine', or doing a daily or (bi-)weekly enema of some kind, if necessary in combination with 'largely' (but not perfectly..) following the diet, do the job as well?

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