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I am currently on this regimen

Morning-cetaphil daily cleanser

2.5% BP

Differin .1% Gel

Neutrogena oil free moisturizer


This regimen isnt seem to be defeating my acne..i was hoping for some suggestions on what to buy to get rid of acne....hopefully from someone who has had success with differin and has a good daily regimen

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I am currently using Differin and Benzaclin (BP with clindamycin antibiotic), and I have been using it for two years. It has cleared up my skin somewhat - I used to have awful skin, and it's better now, but by no means perfect.

The first thing I can suggest is that you not use BP and Differin at the same time. They do not interact, but according to my dermatologist they work better if you use them one at a time. Use BP in the morning and Differin right before bed.


- Make sure you have washed your face first and that it is completely dry. Don't towel dry your face, let it air dry.

- Apply moisturizer only after you let the medication soak in. 20 minutes is usually fine.

- Does your moisturizer say "non comedogenic" anywhere on it? Just because it is oil free doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't cause acne.

You are probably already doing this, but just in case - don't spot treat. Cover your entire face (or other affected areas) with a thin layer of medication.

Washing with Cetaphil is fine; it's what many derms reccommend.

Second, if after you have been on this regimen for a few months (give it at least 3) and nothing seems to be happening, ask your derm if you can have Differin XP. It is 0.3 % and works a little better. Also, I would really recommend that you ask your derm to prescribe benzaclin. I used to use plain BP and it helps, but not nearly as much as a benzoyl peroxide - antibiotic combination. 2.5 % is probably much too low a concentration of BP for you, if your skin is bad. You do not want to get too high a concentration or your skin will be really red, but you could move to 5 % then 8 %.

Last, you might want to try an oral antibiotic in combination with topicals. Sometimes that works better - my derm started me off on minocycline, but you will have to ask what antibiotic would be best for you.

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I was just put on the same exact meds as the user above, allison 12, and I was also told not to use differin & BP at the same time. One should be used at nite, preferably differin, and the other in the morning. So maybe that's a problem for you as well.

If you have severe acne you might want to ask to up your % of differin and request an oral antibiotic. Give it a couple months and if not working I would indeed tell your derm to see what option is next on the list.

I've been using differin for a couple wks so I don't have my success story yet, but Good Luck.

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I'm not really sure what I think about topical acne treatments. It seems like it's treating the symptoms but not the cause. Usually it's an internal imbalance that causes acne....I don't know: it seems like every time I've tried a topic treatment, my skin has gone crazy. They're just such harsh chemicals! I don't know if it's that I am allergic to topic treatments (like BP or salicylic acid) but every time I've used them, it's like my skin goes into this dormant stage....my acne doesn't change from day to day..,my skin in general does, though--- just gets more red and painful and irritated! The only topical thing I'd suggest is - after splashing your face with water 10-15 times AM/PM (don't use a washcloth, awful for sensitive skin), use some lemon juice on a cottonball as a toner, and then, after it dries, try a light oil-free moisturizer (I use Neutrogena) at night before you go to bed.

As far as what else might work.... two things:

First, (and this might sound crazy to you, but give it some thought - it really is amazing) -- go to CVS (or some other pharmacy, I went to CVS) and ask for an over-the-counter treatment for poison ivy -- it's just called, "Poison Ivy Pills" (they'll know what you're asking for). It's a homeopathic treatment that reduces infection, inflammation and general swelling and redness in poison ivy. It works WONDERS on acne - (even cystic acne)... you'll see results within a day or two... So, please please try that! (It costs somewhere around $10.)

Also...see if you can purchase some oil of oregano (the kind I found was on Ebay for $12 -- sold by a company called "Won With Nature")... they have a website too, but their ebay price was cheaper. Oregano oil is a natural, VERY strong, VERY effective antibiotic (and is very good for your immune system too, which is great for this time of year, especially!).... it will help kill the infection like no tomorrow.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you try it and what your results are!!!

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Acne IS an internal problem. But it is more for some than not. Not all people can handle pills nor do all people need antibiotic pills to help acne. But of course, there is no CURE for acne so that is why topical treatments are given, to CONTROL it.

I'm on wk 3 of Differin and so far still good, working well when combined with BP. I hope I don't jinx myself.

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