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My Decutan Days...

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Any progress?

I start TODAY. AAAAAHH. I'm more than a little anxious. Derm appointment is in 4 hours. Going to a hockey game tonight to keep my mind off of the medicine. I am convinced that it is automatically going to morph me into a zombie mutant. Must stop these thoughts. :naughty:

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Day 115

really tired so i'll keep this quick.

still broken out but nothing new I think, and i THINK they're startign to dry up/go down. Fingers crossed.

Oh and just want to add i haven't had a single bit of dry skin for days.

as in nothing, zilch. i wake up normal

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Day 116

9 days left till the holiday.!..!!.! feeling a mix of excitement and dread about my face

Face still healing from the breakout, but luckily nothing new. Bought skiing trousers today, so damn expensive aghh.

Side effects, none that i can think of other than dry lips.

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Day 117

still with the cysts... got about 4 or 5... I think they've had their peak... I hope.

Oh and I got a new whitehead on my cheek, exactly the same as the 1 i had b4.. which turned into a cyst and is still healing. O god Pls let me be clear by next friday.

Also had a bit of dry skin today, nothign much but it scared me a little. I hope the dryness doesn't return!

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Day 118

still got them pesky cysts.. but only 1 is large enough to bug me, its kind of below my right eye just a bit above the cheekbone, sensitive spot. But I'm sure they'll all be pretty low or gone by next friday.

lol i've blogged so much here that I feel like my true colours are showing and I'm being revealed to be a whiney pest who complains at everything. NEver kept any sort of diary in my life, I never even used to write my hw down on a diary at school, let alone keep a day by day account of a course so this is quite weird for me lol

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Day 118

lol i've blogged so much here that I feel like my true colours are showing and I'm being revealed to be a whiney pest who complains at everything.

Eh, no way. Besides, I think the title "Just to vent my frustrations" removes all burdens on your part to be super upbeat.

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Day 120

wow day 120.

I had always believed i'd be long clear on this day lol. Ah well, reality sucks!

But it's nt that bad I guess... as long as I don't break out again now. The cysts are almost all down except for the 2 large ones, but even those are kinda smaller and don't hurt anymore.


Sddenly at like 1pm I got flakey dry skin around my mouth! And it's been returning all day! Plsplsplspls god let it go and let me not have dry skin for my holiday. I leave on Friday! By the way no logs from me for 10 days! lol spooky.

SO I'm just hoping these last bumps will be healed by Friday and I'll have 0 dry skin for the holiday. Possible?

Hope so.


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Day 121

acutally did a few thigns today but too tired to say right now i'll write about it tomorro..

facewise, the bit of dryness i had is practically gone again, still got those 2 large cysts that don't seem to be changing , d rest is almost healed.

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Day 122

ahhhhhh 2 more days and then I leaveeee!!

Today my face is great, other than those 2 cysts. And I have a small whitehead on my forehead but it feels totally superficial.

0 dry skin. complexion good.

Only thing is my lips, which are veeeeeery dry.

So day 124 will be my last post untill day 134, and then I'd only have 16 days left! Hopefully.

I'm very nervous about becoming very dry/red on my holiday.

Oh yeah I finally got the papers i need and I have now got the rest of my accutane free! God i feel so stupid leaving it so late when I could have got the entire course for free.

Over here its 10 euros 20c for a sheet of 10 pills. COuld have saved so much money. Don't even want to caclulate it. lemem calculate it...

god about 150 euros ive wasted

But I really can't complain about the system here. I've read some real horror stories from people on these boards trying to get tane.

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Day 123 + 124

Forgot to post yesterday! In fact, I forgot to take my second pill until about 1am, so I took it then.

I leave tomorrow, so excited, and worried at the same time.

Face is doing ok i guess. Got a bit of dry skin on my chin but nothing much.

Those 2 cysts, still there, still big. They're being VERY stubborn. But other than those got no other actives. Just red marks, which really show in the sun. but ah well! Could be worse!

AS long as I don't get severe dry skin I'll be fine.

Well..... This is probably my last post for another 10 days. Adios!

Lucky day to fly tomorrow! Fri 13th :D

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I m on decutan, i read all your posts, and it helps to know what others are going through , i am taking 80mg at the momen.. but my skin has improved a lot since i started taking them. i just wanted to ask you , about something you mentions about getting the papers for the pills, can you explain better please??

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Day 139

Let me just say, I had THE time of my life abroad, literally.

I was quite bad in taking the pills... I took 2 a day for the first few days then I kind of forgot and went dow nto 1 a day, and I even missed a day, maybe 2, but ah well.

Surprisingly, I had 0 dry skin there. Nothing knew either except 1 cyst on top of forehead but not painful.

STILL dealing with those 2 cysts from b4, but theyre very small now, so is the 1 on the top of my forehad. Other than that nothing new. Got about 3 weeks left of these pills... And hopefully that will be the end.

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Day 140

Well technically 10 days left. But I missed 1 week of 40mg so I'll add another week. So I will try make my (hopefully) final derm appt in around 2 weeks. My face feels so much calmer, like I don't wake up worrying about new bumps anymore or anything like that. It's literally these last 3 bumps that are almost gone and the red marks.

The red marks... I hope those fade soon. Can't wait to be off the pills and have my skin go back to its normal "healthy" looking self. And to be able to walk in the sun without worrying.

Soon there!

If the derm gives me another month I really will freak though lol

Side effects are so minimal lately. I mean other than dry lips (which aren't even that dry!) I wouldn;t even notice I'm on tane.

17 days to go. I can do this!

I just did some calculations and by the end of my course I will have roughly taken 4200mg

Seems pretty low I guess next to other peoples courses, but it seems to have worked for me.

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Day 141

wasnt gonna post but i posted each day so far might as well continue till the end.

nothing to update, i dont get any dry skin anymore just dry lips. thats about the only side effect.

today i started taking my protein shakes again,2 a day. They have 1000IF of vitamin A but ive only got 13 days left now of the pills so I don't think it'll be too bad to mix them for just this short amount of time.

gotta sleep


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Day 142

Cut my hair! At last... It was almost down to my lips! I couldn't leave the house without a beanie. And I've never had long hair before. I didn't purposely grow it, I just couldn't face going to the hairdresser and staring at that mirror covered with spots!

Cut came really good!

Face the same. ACtually, the bump near my left euyrbrow is completely gone and the other 2 can just be felt, and are v small.

got a bit of dry skin around my mouth today but I was in the sun all mornign so maybe that's why.

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Day 143

Hey thanks, yeah I'm practically 100% other than 1 dying bump and red marks in a few places.

I just did some calculations countign days missed etc and basically I have exactly 2 weeks left.

14 days. After 143 days thats nothing. So close!

Face is actually a bit drier today, havent had this for ages, hopefully it's temporary. Going to see a film with this girl tonight hopefully the dry skin won't return!

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Day 144

Same old.

Just want to let it be known that I eat anythign I want anytime and any amount and it has had 0 effect on my skin, and I've pretty much been like this for the entire course! So I wouldnt stress too much on what you eat.

Face still a bit drier than usual but nothing bad at all. 13 days!

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Day 145

just 1 tiny tiny little pimple (not cyst or whitehead or anything like that) on my forehead but if that's the best acne can throw at me now then it's truly beaten!

No dry skin, just lips a bit dry.

12 dayssssssssssssssssssssss

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I completely understand what you are saying about hair cuts , harsh lights and mirrors.. I used to feel exactly the same... I have another month and 10 days to go, but its going really well.... congratulations on making it so far and doing so well...YAY for the end. :D

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Day 146

soon done too then!

So that last cyst on my forehead is almost dead, or at least its well on its way down.

That little pimple developed into a whitehead but I'm not stressing about it, whiteheads have short lifespan! As long as nothing new sprouts up i'll be happy!

11 days to go. 9 days till I visit the derm for the (HOPEFULLY) last time. I want to be 100% when I go! Cos if he tells me to do another month i'll die. I know its not much in the long run, but I'm so convinced that this is all going to be over in 11 days. Plus my friend is coming back here in about 2 weeks and we're going to start quite an intense training program (running, swimming and gym) and I dont want to be on these pills while I'm doing that!

Hmm. ALthoough I don't have any pimples on my face (other than that 1 little whitehead on forehead and that small dying bump) I still avoid mirrors in bright daylight. Esp car mirrors. I just can't look into those. During the day I mean. They're so harsh and unforgiving. They accentuate all my red marks and bad texture. Hoping that will heal when I get off the pills.

another thing! I;ve always had really silky hair lol. But now its kind of dull and dry. Hpefully that will revert back to normal once I'm done.

Hmm... rambling. My daily ramblings will soon be over. Ah well. I wonder if this will ever come in handy to other people. It;s weird, typing this and knowing there are people reading it and following my progress. One things for sure, I've definitely given someone who plans to read this from the start a bit of a slog!

Ok i'll stop now because I'm writing rubbish

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