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connection between chapped lips and cystic acne?

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I'll get back to you on the rest of the questions, because I'm studying for finals, but no, I don't think lip balm causes acne on the rest of my face. I've gotten a lot of acne on the very rim of my lip, where the skin already is slightly pinkish before it's my actual lip. I used to get cysts there. Now, at most, I get a couple of blackheads.

I've had dry, chapped lips since I was little (little!) kid. I first got moderate acne from ages 10-20. Then, it seemed to trail off. Then, I got severe acne at 22 due to medication, which is now under control. So, I'm thinking there could be some crazy genetic link, like your skin just is prone to not working so well, but it doesn't have to be linked with chapped lips temporally.

are you in university? because, is it me, or are most people on the board in undergrad studies? maybe that's because that's when many of us are finally sick of the acne? haha.

definitely i think there's a genetic link - just like some people have predispositions for various diseases, and acne is a disease, isn't it? sure feels like it.

if you don't mind sharing, what specifically happened with the medication, and what medicine was it? i didn't know medicines could cause acne - and intuitively i'd think it would go away after you stop the medication, right? unless it changes your body permanently some how.

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I had clear skin until I was in college- after a period of cutting out carbs it just blew up. My family has gluten problems, but they didnt surface until they were older. Apparently, gluten usually surfaces after building in your system for years. when you were CUTTING out carbs, the acne got worse? that's weird.

many people say they have side effects such as headaches, etc. after cutting out the gluten- their bodies are reacting to the elimination. Maybe that is why you had a fever after cutting out the gluten. It also took me a few weeks before my skin cleared after cutting out the gluten. well i got sick when i cut out ALL carbs - when i cut out the gluten there was no noticeable effect, good or bad- anyway, when i cut out the carbs i got hardcore sick - i don't know how severe other people had it. like i said, i had to skip work for a day because i felt so bad. vaguely it felt like i'd been awake for a week, had a fuzy mind, and couldn't focus and constantly felt tired even though i was intaking a lot of meats and veggies - and my skin was blazing hot. a friend explained to me that the body isn't designed to just process proteins because it takes more energy than carbs. and intuitively it doesn't feel right to begin with - not to mention it is the complete opposite of what modern doctors recommend diet-wise.

Gluten is in more foods then you think- like voodka, gummie candies, soy sauce, etc. It is difficult to cut out in the beginning, but after a while you find breads, pastas and other foods that you can eat. In the long run, it is healthier for you and you are not putting an allergen in your body. Also, many people have stomach problems (gas, ibs ) from gluten - which can lead to other health problems. i realize this, yes. after doing the gluten thing, albeit not 100% diligently, i don't think i have a gluten problem - i've started eating gluten again and there's no change, actually things have been getting better - but i am taking septra. and what about the years where i didn't have acne and ate plenty of bread and pasta? can you develop a gluten problem?

Not sure if this is the issue, but its worth eliminating for at least 1 month to see the effects.

I never was tested for allergies, but my sister was tested and it came up negative- and her nutritionist said she had a gluten allergy, which don' t always show up on allergy tests bc they test for celiac not necessarily a gluten intollerance. i see, i might look into, but i am pretty much going to take accutane next week... so don't know if i want to bother with that even. i may do it anyway to help the accutane along. but i doubt i am allergic to anything.

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Unfortunately the derm that I go to is really cautious about prescribing Accutane- which has really pissed me off in the past, and still does. I'm the one with the severe acne that has to walk around with this face everyday- just give me what works and stop wasting my time.

His theory is that after you go on Accutane (I've been on it 2x, the last dose was four years ago), antibiotics that may not have worked for you before have a much better chance of working after being on Accutane. i'm not a doctor, but if antibiotics had stop working before [because the bacteria has gotten used to it] why would they start working the second time around? anyway, i think antibiotics only suppress the acne, it doesn't stop it and one of my derms said that, too. i guess you can hope that the antibiotic works and by the time you're off it your body is back to normal again for whatever reason.

So, in order for me to go on Accutane, I have to be on an antibiotic (or two, etc.) for about two months to see if that works first. In other words, he looks at Accutane as a last resort. It sucks too because the old derm I had would just give out Accutane fairly leniently, which was great for people in my position. But, he retired.

I'm looking into switching derms now mainly for this reason. yea, i'd recommend that. too bad you never know until you meet them face to face, huh? maybe you could try letting him know how badly you want to be on it.

I hope Accutane works out for you if you go on it, it always has been great to me lol. I've never had any bad side effects from it except for really chapped lips and some mild dryness (nothing that lotion can't handle). yes, same here. though i am a bit discouraged that it seems like a lot of people just get the acne back, albeit a few years later [i came across a thread where the poor guy/girl got acne back within a few months and it was just as bad! - i wonder how many people don't get it back, since they wouldn't be on this board so we can't see them.

Also, what nationality/heritage is your bloodline? I'm Irish, Scottish, English, and French. Wondering if there's any correlation with the dry lips & skin, acne... i'm mostly southeast asian, some chinese. that's quite a world away from your heritage. relatedly i've read somewhere that apparently people outside of the western world don't get acne and doctors speculate it's because of the diet. but i asked my mom and she told me when she was growing up over there people had it too and they certainly do now . all this conflicting information.....

so yea, i don't think i'm allergic to anything except high amounts of sugar - and by connection, high amounts of carbs because carbs turn into sugar - but even that i am hesitant to fully believe.... but it's really hard to test things out. i remember specifically my first bout of CRAZY acne was in highschool when i got a bunch of super red cysts on my NOSE over my, otherwise, clear and consistent skin [not flakey or any other acne related things] and that summer i was drinking multiple glasses of orange juice from a carton, and i know those things have butt loads of sugar.

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another thing, baskman - what form of accutane did you take? brand name or one of the generics? did you take different ones so you could compare which worked better? i was thinking of asking for the real accutane - but i've come across one thread that mentioned amnesteem or whatever is better and has less initial breakout. though most people claim there is no difference between brands but i don't know if they've actually taken different ones or are just parroting their derms.

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I have a problem with severely chapped lips as well and no matter how many times I put on chap stick it doesn't helps. Anyways, I started taking about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil...and its been 3 days now and I've noticed that that my lips aren't chapped anymore. Also my skin is looking much better. Maybe there is a correlation considering that coconut oil is good for fighting yeast and parasites?I'm not sure.


seems to me that coconut oil is good for a lot of things including dry lips and skin.

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I took the real Accutane brand- 40mg once a day.

The results I got were pretty remarkable the first time, which was when I had really severe acne. Within about 2.5 weeks my large cysts really started to clear up. Within a month my cysts were no longer elevated above my skin surface.

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hi everyone - i was wondering if anyone else experiences this:

brief acne history: cystic acne starting in teens years, really taking off senior i think, but it would come and go. same story in college, though there was a few months when it was BAD covering 80-90 of my face. topicals never did anything. then i got on minocycline and that cleared me completely. then it started coming back and i did Dan regime and that kept me clear for 2 years - may also be that it naturally went into submission as well during this time, as i partially believe there is some rhythm to my acne that i am unaware of. finally, almost a year ago summer 07, it started coming back, lightly at first. papules and such. then it became cystic and nodular again, 4-5 at a time. then in feb 08 i started getting huge cysts on my nose, the worse place - and it's just been getting worse and worse since then - i've been on antibiotics none stop since feb08: tetracycline [worked great for about a month maybe], minocycline again [did NOTHING this time around], doxycycline [worked good for about nearly a month, maybe not even that] - i am now taking septra, almost done with my 2nd week [i have active smallish cysts and today my face felt horrible, constant pumping-of-blood-feeling, the heat of inflammation i think? and the general pain of the cysts, of course - but i think the septra is suppressing the infection at least, keeping the cysts from becoming monster sizes - how long will it last? hopefully 2 more months at least ]

anyway, to the point of the post: i think most of my life i've had dry lips, wherein some skin on my lips will constantly be peeling so that i could pick it off each or every other day. the skin itself doesn't hurt and i don't think it's broken, there is just dead skin that hangs on to the lip [mostly my lower lip] until it falls off or i peel it off. so i've been wondering if anyone else experiences this, as the peeling skin looks like the aftermath of dying cysts/acne - in other words, it's white in color - which is just the color of dead skin, so that makes sense - but since acne is apparently cause partly by skin that FAILS to shed properly and thus clogs pores and all that - maybe there is a connection between the skin that perhaps fails to shed off my lips naturally and the skin on my face that fails to shed and causes acne.

i'll also add a note that most of my life i've had bad sinus: ie stuffy nose as i had a very weak respiratory system as a kid and breathed through my mouth much of the time and still do when i don't catch myself, so my dry lips may just be from breathing through my mouth too much - still, i am curious to see if anyone else experiences this, ie, they have peeling or dry skin on their lips and they have cystic or any form of acne really.

thoughts anyone? ANY thoughts would be appreciated.

thanks everyone.

Dear Friend:

I have a similar problem. Lips bad for 10 years or more, along with acne. After reading your note I learned what exfoliate means and I will to exfoliate more often. I feel your pain. Interestingly I have the sinus issue and open mouth issue as well, especially in sleep, snoring with respiratory problems. Most doctors seem not able to help and cannot make connections. I should try to see doctors again as well as do more individual research.

Suffering in silence.

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