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Lalisse SEEMS to be working for me

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Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to know if anyone else here has tried a product called Lalisse? I've only been using it for about three weeks so far. I bought the starter kit as it worked out cheaper than buying products individually. Let me start by saying I am in my 30's and have tried EVERYTHING from over the counter products to Roaccutane. The only thing I haven't tried is Proactiv, mainly because of negative feedback (from here) and the price. Anyway...I was finally going to succumb to trying PA but saw the Lalisse kit at my local Chemist. I thought what the hell I may as well give it a go and it is cheaper than PA.

The kit includes a moisturiser, mask/peel, cleanser and anti spot serum. So the kit says to cleanse, moisturise and apply serum. I did that but found that the serum was way to strong/potent for my cheek area. My skin is very sensitive - my cheeks especially. I also have rosacea and the serum seemed to irritate it. Anyway I kept applying the regime for about 3-4 days, but my cheek area was really red and sore. So I had a day or two break and then started over again. The same thing - red. sore cheeks - happened again. So I decided that I was only going to apply the serum to my chin area. I still washed my entire face with the cleanser and then applied moisturiser and the serum (on chin). But my face was becoming quite dry so I had another couple of days break from all the products.

I started getting pimples again so I decided to just use the serum ONLY on my chin area. Plus I used the cleanser every other day. I must say my skin is still dry but not as bad as it was at the beginning of using the products. The serum seems to dry out my pimples before they get a chance to get red, pusy and VERY sore. And I haven't had any cysts - which I am prone to get.

I think I will keep using the serum indefinately but only use the cleanser occassionally. When I finish using the serum in the kit I will just buy that product alone. The serum in the kit is Serum !. There is also a Serum 2 which is for more serious acne like cysts. I think I will get the number 2 serum next time.

Anyway, to sum up I do think the serum is clearing up my chin area. I hope this might help others who want to try this product.

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Noone has replied but I will still do an update. My skin is still clear, although still a tad dry. It has probably been close to two weeks now. I just keep using the serum, mostly on my chin area and sparingly on my cheeks/nose, etc. I've had a couple of pimples under the skin but they aren't sore or coming to a head. And I haven't had a cyst in almost two weeks, which is unusual for me. I usually get one-three cysts once a fortnight/month. I'm crossing my fingers (and toes lol) that this MIGHT be the right product for me.

I'd still like to know if anyone has tried this product or heard anything about it? If they have tried it what were the results, etc?

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Hi staraties,

I've just discovered the product as well and it is the only thing that has had promising results. I'm really happy for you that you've found it also. Do you know where I can get more?

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Hi staraties,

I've just discovered the product as well and it is the only thing that has had promising results. I'm really happy for you that you've found it also. Do you know where I can get more?

Hi 30rocko,

Thanks for your reply. Glad to hear someone else is getting results. I am still clear, and that's since late october/early november. I still can't quite believe it, and I probably wouldn't if I hadn't tried it myself. I just WISH that this stuff had been around in my teens and twenties. It would have saved me years of painful, ugly acne. Not to mention the years of feeling embarassed and ashamed of my skin. So many years I spent not going to parties etc because of my messed up skin!

Anyway...I got the initial starter kit from my local chemist. I live in Australia, so I am not sure about getting the product o/s. They (Lalisse) do have a website and I think the product is made in New Zealand. So if you are o/s I'd suggest going to their website. I'm not sure if I can place the website address here? But it is fairly simple to figure out what it is lol.

Once again glad to hear it is working for you too. I promise people on this site I am not in any way tied to the product. But I am going to write to them to thank them for the product. It has given me hope that FINALLY something is working for me.

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Hi Guys,

I just went to lalisse's website to send them a thankyou email. And they have free samples for anyone in Australia. I would recommend ANYONE to go for it and see what you think.


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