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Thought i'd give an update

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So recently I've found myself on this board again. It's been really difficult these last few months, but almost everything is finished.

For those who don't know: Long story short, on my graduation day I found out I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease which completely screwed my out of my plan to join the Army and become a Ranger, and ended up going to community college.


So yeah, I finished my last chemo session two weeks ago, and I just need to undergo Radiation therapy this December, and i'm completely cured! Well, right now the cancer is practically dead, but I'm doing the radiation therapy just incase.

So yeah, just thought I'd let you all know. If you can believe it, i'd still rather take cancer over acne. The amount of psychological damage between the two cannot even be compared, albeit my cancer was not as serious as something like AIDs, it is still cancer.

Another thing I can say though, I am glad I was given cancer. I won't go all Christian on you guys, but just believe me when I say that more good has come from me having cancer than bad, and that it was worth having cancer to get these blessings.

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Congratulations! That's so exciting to hear that you're doing great!

Funny how you said that you'd rather have cancer than acne, because I've always debated that in my mind. I'll make a mental note, I'll take cancer over acne. lol (:

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Heh, well it depends on a lot of things really. The only reason why I said that was because there were guaranteed steps to a cure when it came to cancer. For acne however, I tried anything and everything yet there is no guaranteed way to achieve clearness. Also, I took acne far too seriously, which REALLY took a toll on my confidence and personality. -_-

EDIT: and thanks :)

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I'm so glad you're doing all right! It sounds like you've been through so much. I hope things only continue to improve from here on out - you deserve it. :D

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