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removing raised scars..?

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I have raised bumps from acne I had 1.5 years ago, and the doctor said I would need surgery to cut out the scar tissue. Is this the usual procedure?

I guess it would be considered something like a keloid.

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you could say they are still red, it just pisses me off cuz my doctor said it would go away in a year and its been over a year and the condition is the same.

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Hello Dear,

Please don't go for any sort of cut surgery if it is keloid.There are stronger chances after surgery you will have more keloid on that part.It is better you should go for intra lesional steroid injection and your scar will be resolved.

Good luck


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are you sure it's a keloid? b/c if it is then surgery won't do anything and it will just grow back. a keloid is kinda of a scar that keeps expanding i believe. (not an expert on this. sorry. D: ) if it's hypertrophic (doesn't grow beyond the area of the original wound) then surgery might be alright. i've heard of other ways that might help as well like silicone gels sheets. maybe talk to your doctor about that? I have hypertrophic scarring myself as well but i've never tried any surgery or any other topical treatments.

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What about freezing off a scar with a device called Cryoshape or other cryosurgery methods? Also, it seems that certain lasers, especially the pdl type of laser, have produced pleasing results. I just thought I would throw out a couple of suggestions because sometimes it seems like almost no one, including dermatolgists in general, know much at all about getting rid of keloid scars.

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