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I've been on Tretinion cream .025% for 3-1/2 weeks now and my skin is purging itself beyond belief. Before starting this treatment, the acne was way below the surface (cystic) and rarely came to a head.

Now, I find I have 4-7 whiteheads per day. My skin is thinning, and even washing ever-so gently will make the pimples pop... I do NOT pop them intentionally! My skin is so sensitive w/ the tretinion that they pop on their own.

Excuse my grossness, but after I wash my face I have a few exposed "puss-sacks" (for lack of a better term) sitting in my pores. There is not an overlying layer of skin over these - I can literally pull them out with ease.

MY QUESTION: Is this an ok thing to do? I can't imagine leaving them in would be much better, considering the "sacks" would probably break open, leaving half in my skin to get further infected.

What am I supposed to do once I pull them out and I have a gaping hole in my face? I've been applying benzamycin (topical antibiotic & BP) to help hinder any further infection, but I don't know if this is the best method.

Help?!?!?? What do you do when a pimple pops on its own? :think:

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If it pops itself then apply the benzaclin. There's not a whole lot to be done in that situation.

Leaving it alone is the best thing...

Ty not to "pull" the white puss out. I know it's hard to resist, but it will heal itself. This is how your body gets rid of that puss if you don't pop (or it doesn't pop itself accidentally):

The white stuff will eventually harden and then flake off, leaving a smaller, flatter red bump underneath that will then subside til it is gone. The body heals from the inside out, so underneath the puss your skin is healing. When you remove it early, you leave a gaping wound that is likely to just get infected again and make it take longer to heal.

I used to be a chronic picker and thought I always had to extract it myself, but your body will take care of it, you just have to have faith & patience. The benzaclin will help kill that bacteria so it will heal faster.

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That makes sense. It's SO hard to resist pulling them out and I'm ok refraining from picking at the ones that are nested w/in the skin. But when they're just hanging out of the pore having popped on their own, I feel like I have to do something. In that instance, I should remove the exposed puss and apply benzamycin?

I think if I'd leave it alone and try to apply benzamycin, it would break open and do a lot more damage by not extracting the entire "sack"... I would think, anyway.

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