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is there hope for scars?

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so after all my research it looks like the only way to properly get rid of scars is through surgery which i cant get because of the money and the downtime.. i cant afford to miss work. is there hope for scars? can u actually get rid of scars or are we forever doomed with them? i have ice pick and box scars and even though i seem to be able to get rid of my red marks. The scars seem to not heal at all. what can i do in order for my scars to improve?

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Honestly, surgery is probably the only thing. I hear people say they have good results with microdermabrasion but I had a few and didn't notice anything. I had mixto fractional laser (about a week or less downtime) and didn't notice much improvement but I will get a few more over the span of a year because I feel that is the only way. Don't waste your money on other stuff.

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I have done alot of research even looking into different clinical results and I can tell you there are things that can be done Punch grafts, subcision, etc. that work! The only problem is ..There are very few Doctors that perform these surgical procedures . I think it's mostly because they can charge you a ton of money for the lasers and it's alot easier for them. What you should do is look at the Scar treatment reviews on this site and you can get a idea of what will work for your type of scars. The patient rating says it all about lasers! I wish you the best.

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