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when i first started accutane, i notice the blackheads were coming out between my first and 2nd month. Someone on the forums told me it should all come out in a couple weeks, well its been 4 months on accutane and i still have either a quarter or half of the blackheads when i started still on my nose. has this happen to anyone else? when will all the blackheads come off? should i just use a blackhead strip?

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DO NOT USE THE BLACKHEAD STRIPS!!! Your skin is way too sensitive on accutane to use those strips. I barely hit a rounded edge of my coffee table and a few layers of skin just peel off. I'm on day 89 and my blackheads are still coming out on my nose. I usually take tweezers and pluck out the ones that are barely hanging there. You will see that the pore is really red when you pluck out the blackheads. I just went through all my blackheads on my cheeks coming out.

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I am on day 66 of 30 mg/2x day of sotret. Around day 30 i started getting blackheads something awful on my nose, chin, and forehead. I know most people recommend not using blackhead strips, but i did use them. I pulled them off slowly and only used them on non-dry areas. It did work. If my skin was super sensitive or peeling i would have never done it. Through the tazorac, differin, and Retin-A my skin never really peeled. I only have slightly dry cheeks with the accutane (i do have very chapped lips and nose).

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Guest missyjean130

I used tweezers if they were sticking out partially. pore strips may be bad,may not be bad...it depends on how sensitive your skin is,but why take the risk?

Some people have blackheads all thru their course...just be patient.

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