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3 days to go.....getting worried!!!!!!!

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Hi guys,

I've been on accutane for the past four months (55mg raised to 60mg two months ago) and now only have three days left before the end of my course. I was so against it to being with, but to be honest, it's the best thing i've ever done, despite the horrific IB my skin is now completley clear, except for the scarring. In fact accutane has made my life so much easier, my make up stays on because there is no oil to make it slide off, I only have to wash my hair twice a week and did I mention the clear skin!!!! The only thing that worries me now is that the acne will come back, if it does I will be devestated. When I told my derm my concerns he said that they could always lengthen my course by another month just to be sure but that they most likley wouldn't. Does anyone know the actual success rate of accutane? I've been on the highest dosage for my weight so I know that in theory it should work well but it's still scary. xxx

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What is your mass? They recommend that you take a cumulative dose of 120-150mg per kg of body mass to help avoid a recurrence of acne.

If you've been on 55/55/60/60mg for four months, by my logic you should have approximately 6900mg total, which means that you've passed the threshold if you are 57.5kg or below. Keep in mind that the 120mg/kg is approximate.

As for the success rate? I can't remember the specific figures quoted, but most don't require a second course. A lot of people do experience minor acne returning, but that would be taken care of using something like a topical retinoid as opposed to a second dose of Accutane.

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