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My experience with Sotret 6 MORE DAYS LEFT!!!

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So, I decided I could use a place to post the updates on my treatment and hopefully get some feedback and encouragement from others so that these next 6 months don't seem so long and depressing.

I've currently been on Sotret for 27 odd days? I was on it for 3 days then had to stop when my wisdom teeth were removed and I was put on antibiotics.

I'm saying my starting day in 10/10/08. Not counting those first 3 days.

Thus far the only side effects I've really experienced have been dry lip, hands and eyes. There were a few slight headaches the first week, but they've pretty much gone away.

I'm currently using 5 different types of lip balm.

My moisturizure of choice at the moment is Mary Kay Time Wise and petrolium jelly.

I can't say I've seen much improvement with my complection... we'll see.

I'm currently taking 60mg a day.

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Day 25 for sure (I can't count anymore)

I've noticed a few breakouts and then quite a bit of my acne disappearing slowly.

One bloody nose the othere day. i've been applying blistex every hour or so. My lips haven't felt too dry except after kissing... that could be a problem i'm thinking in later months...

That's about all I can think of... Still need to find little travel size lotion bottles. Would be helpful.

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Day 27

A few annoying pimples have decided to show themselves...

I haven't felt thirsty at all during this treatment and I'm a little surprised because I've read other people's logs and they've all been thirsty by the end of the first month and they usually are on a lower dose than I'm on... weird.

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Starting month 2 and saying goodbye to month one my cheeks have decided it would be a wonderous present to breakout... It not only looks bad it also feels disgusting to touch (which i have a horrible habit of doing)

My hands have also broken out in little bumps, i think from the dry air?

I'm just starting to think about drinking water, haven't really been thirsty until recently. I think its odd that i'm on such a high dose but haven't really had many side effects. And my IB hasn't really started until now, but I'm so use to breakouts that it only bothers me slightly.

Of course the breakouts could also be slightly caused by the stressed i've been under at the moment.

High school should not be this stressful. Winter Formal has never been stressful for me, until a guy was suddenly involved. You know how guys never get the subtle hints girls leave for them? Yeah, well girls would love a straight answer from the guys also.

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Day 34

Yay for an early Thanksgiving dinner! I'm excited!! ...except i have to clean. Oh well! Totally worth it!

Not much new with the whole skin thing. Just a few more breakouts, they seem to be drying up decently on their own so I'll just let the drugs do their job and move on with life.

Hope everyone else is having a good day!

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Day 37

I'm really very curious as to why i have these little bumps all over the top of my hands... My bf thinks it might be from painting, i think dry skin. We'll see in a week and a half.

So with the Twilight movie coming out, I'm getting minimal amounts of sleep this week. Yes, I'm planning to go to the midnight showing. Yay! So on Thursday I'm planning to be up for about 22 hours. I know, not the brightest move, but I'll survive.

I think it's my bf who makes these 6 months seem to go by alright. (I know, you guys totally want to here this...) Although he can annoy me to no end, he always makes me happy and feel special in some way. He's still confused as to why I'm taking this drug in the first place.

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I think those bumps are accutane induced eczema...seems fairly common from all i've read ...call your derm and ask for a cortico steroid cream, that should take care if it. Also, try to keep your hands well moisturized. Hope it helps, good luck with it all !

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Day 38

So nothing new, except a few more lumps and bumps and white heads popping up.

Thanks for the info! I'll talk to her about that in a week!!

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would it be safe to assume i'm well hydrated if my urine is almost clear? As in, I'm drinking enough water?

Not necessarily but in general, yes. Only a basic metabolic profile test with BUN (Blood urea nitrogen) and creatinine would tell you more definitively that you aren't dehydrated.

Try to aim for at least two liters of water/fluid a day, in addition to the fluid you get from foods.

I myself love seltzer water, add a splash of juice to it and it's a most delicious refreshing beverage. I drink something constantly all day long.

Make yourself drink even if you don't feel thirsty, please. Try to get that two liters in daily. Your body and BRAIN will thank you for it. :D

Regarding the bumps on your hands: please try to avoid steroid creams if at all possible unless the irritation is severe. Then only use for the time period instructed, and NEVER cover the treated area with anything (that concentrates the dosage and increase absorption into the body, essentially giving you a systemic corticosteroid treatment!), do not use it anywhere else at all, and stop using it completely when the instructions given you tell you to.

Vaseline on the hands with cotton gloves at night really help cold and Accutane induced dermatitis.

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Thank you sooo much!!! That was very very helpful! I'll try and drink more water but I've never been in the habit of doing so and it's very hard to get into it now... I'm trying though! (I just hate having to go to the bathroom every hour... or less)

May I ask what's bad about the steriod cream?

Day 39? close enough?

The bumps on my hands have died down slightly, they don't really bother me i guess.

Ew, and everything feels like it's being pushed to the surface now. I have bumps coming up all over the place. The joys.

thanks again everyone for the help!

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Day 42

Wow, 42, that seems pretty impressive at the moment. 5 1/2 weeks? or closer to 6. From the average I've heard I have about 10 more weeks until I really start seeing results.

My skin isn't as red today, I went to town without makeup on and got a perm. Looking in that mirror while she cut and roled my hair was disturbing. It didn't help that I've been going off of minimal sleep these last few nights and I had dark rings under my eyes either...

The bumps on my hands have tamed down, yay!

My lips have been uberly dry...

My mood has been a bit dark due to people getting on my nerves... I've been kind of snapish lately. I don't think my bf likes it too much... oops. My mood was lifted when he brought me a white hot chocolate after the hockey game though.


I don't think there is much else. Just woke up from a 5 hour nap.

Hope life is going well for everyone!

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Day 45

So i go in for my next blood work and doctors appt. tomorrow. Can't wait... completely not looking forward to getting blood drawn. I have this tendency to faint when it happens.

My lips have been uberly dry like always, otherwise I haven't really had problems with dry skin.

I think it's from lack of sleep that I'm feeling slightly dizzy because I'm not that way in the morning when I wake up, only towards the night.

Hope all is going well for everyone out there.

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Day 47is

Good news! According to my derm my skin is looking much much better! They're thinking I'll only be on it for another 2-3 months!! yay! I'm excited!

Soon I'll be starting my third month (in less than 15 days) and I'm hoping I see lots of improvement in that time.

Yay!! I'm so happy!

Then I'll have to work with the scars that are left.... we'll see how it goes.

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Day 52

So my skin has broken out majorly again... big huge zits that manage to pop themselves...

My lips are insanely dry, hands dry, all other skin is pretty dry too...

Otherwise things are going alright. I'm uberly tired and have headaches due to lack of sleep and the combination of stress.

Hope everyone elses life is going well.

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Day 59

My skin is still breaking out. I have these white heads that keep getting bigger until they finally rip open by me washing my face... I still have quite a few cysts. My skin is otherwise quite smooth and red.

I'm afraid I'm catching a slight cold. I don't know how I'll react while taking this medicine. Hopefully it will go away quickly.

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Day 81

wow! I'm almost done with month 3. no real differences from before. i'm noticing major scarring from previous acne. i still have the occasional zit that insists upon popping up. my chest has decided to sprout these huge cysts in not so nice places that are bumped constantly....

Really dry lips and hands, that's all.

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Hey Vyana. Good luck with the rest of your treatment! I'm sure you'll start seeing improvement very soon! I'm on Sotret as well (26 days in!) F/110 around the same age so I'm definately going to be following your progress!

I'm so happy you have a supportive boyfriend to help you through this. I thought it was funny when you said he didn't understand why you were taking the drug to begin with as my sweetie has said the very same thing to me. haha.

Good Luck!!!

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Ok... because I completely lack the ability to count. I'm actually only on day 79? Close enough.

I went in for my 3 month derm check up.

She said I'd have some scars, the redness will go down, slowly, and that things are looking good. The nurse also liked my veins since they're so easy to find in order to take my blood... unless some acutane patients because they get so dehydrated I guess (and here I am have 1-3 glasses of water a day...)

If I want my scars to be removed I have to wait a year after i'm done with my treatment... which i guess isn't terrible. I've waited how long? a little longer won't kill me.

Hey! Hoping! I hope my journal will help you prepare for what might come, of course everyone is different and I'm having a surprisingly low side-effect time... Maybe I'm just weird. I hope you the best!!

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