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pus filled pimples/sores on crotch HURTS!!!!!!

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I have no clue if it's pimples or sores but i don't get them on my penis or anything just under my Pubic hair...

And they hurt pretty bad when u touch them and they bleed sometimes.

I woke up with a blood stain on the front of my boxers from one of them.

what could they be and what can help get rid of them?

But i think they might be from my fat lol rubbing down there idk.

any help be help because they hurt pretty bad!

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Yes, as your body is going to react to ingrown hairs (which are hairs growing BELOW the surface of your skin) as a foriegn object, and thus your body is trying to treat it as infection.

Best you can do is keep the area well washed and dry. It's fairly naturual for people to ingrown hairs in the groin area, so don't worry!

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Thank!!! I thought i got something off someone hahahah

but should i shave down? would that maybe help it out?

because it hurts pretty bad and i wash down there everyday anyway hahah

But other then that thanks alot!

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You could shave down. That's what I do - helps with ingrown hairs ALOT - also makes them easier to see and extract with a pair of tweezers when you do find one.

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yea i get the same thing, only when i shave down there or wax or use Veet.

none of my friends share the experience :/

i heard you shouldnt pop them or it leads to infection, but would using a topical down there help at all?

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UGH!!! i have one right now and the stupid thing HURTS so bad!!!! Makes me feel better that other people are going throught he same shiznit. But my husband comes home from the army soon and I WANT IT GONE!!! this is a persistant little bugger. Its also in the same spot i had it last time. I have a scar there now aswell. I tried diggin for the hair but i cant find it. ewwww. grrrr. makes me so mad.

This sux.

When I first got it i thought it was some nasty junk i got from someone too.. lol. I went to my gyno and he laughed at me and said it was just a ingrown hair. I was freaking out when i went in. at least its not something worse. BUT DAMN!!! it freaking hurts!!!

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They’re more than likely abscesses which is a collection of pus that has come together. Some reaction of the tissue where it has tried to fight bacteria and debris and has wound up together and cause a balloon of pus... painful I know. Google abscesses.

They say it’s usually an ingrown hair or the like but I did not have any. I had the same problem for years and just recently I got sick of it and saw my doc who put me on antibiotics.

Shaving or wearing tight underwear doesn’t help, but it’s not the prime cause. It’s actually hereditary. Two of my aunts and my grandmother have the same thing – one had them on her back, one had them in her underarms. I’ve sadly wound up with almost all the crap in the family genes and have them forming near the crotch.

You've probably done it already but if anyone else is researching this: see your doctor immediately to put you on antibiotics – get the same sex doctor so you are more comfortable, but they know about these so don’t be embarrassed. You’re not alone, I have the same thing! They know this can be hereditary and you’ve wound up with the bloody crap in the family. Get advice from the pro. I did and I’m now on antibiotics and they work.

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I've heard that salicylic acid helps with ingrown hairs/shaving bumps. I use a lotion with a small amount of sa in it after I shave, and I rarely get bumps.

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