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Help! Inflamed nodule!

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Hi, I have this stubborn nodule for about 6 months, and recently it got inflamed and painful and hard to the touch. Its really annoying, I've been applying topical solutions but it just wont go down. I know I probably need surgical methods to remove it, so I tried pricking it with a needle, but pinpricks of blood and clear liquid just came out, no pus(I know this is like really bad but i was desperate). I'm not really sure what is the exact term for this, nodule/cyst, but I know it has been there for a long time. For comparison, here are two pics, before and now.





Sorry for the shitty pic, it was 2 in the morning and I didnt have the mood to smile after failing to prick the crud out of it.

So what are you guys suggestions to treating this inflammation? And how severe is my acne? Mild, severe?

Thanks alot!

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hey mate

sorry to see you like this! you will get through it.

Your skin looks quite oily, perhaps use something to reduce the oil on your face. What methods have you tried? Diet etc

If its just pimple you can manage this i beleive - but cysts are another thing if they keep getting inflamed.

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Well I have really oily skin, its kind of genetic as both my parents have oily skin and skin problems, and maybe because I'm still in my teens. It doesnt help that I'm living in a country with a humid climate. I drink plenty of water, fruits and vegs, but still get that breakout. I do clean with a mild cleanser 4 times a day, but to no avail. I basically follow Dan's regimen, but has not really been helping much, still get pimples often.

So i went to a dermatologist, and got some antibiotic ointment to apply on the inflammation, supposedly it would help to settle the inflammation down and eventually get the whitehead out. She also offered me the option to go on Rocutane. Should I go for it, considering my acne condition?

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Your acne currently isn't severe enough to warrant Accutane unless it's a VERY low dose course.

Wash only TWICE a day with a mild cleanser; more just irritates the skin and makes it more prone to breakouts.

If the oil accumulation bothers you, just blot it off. You could buy blotting papers or even use a piece of tissue to gently press down on the skin to absorb the oil. Just blot.

Check out the baby's hair brush thread for an excellent means of mechanical exfoliation. I think you need to add in some exfoliation and continue with the regimen.

How long have you been using the BP, and are you using a generous amount twice a day as recommended, AND using a moisturizer, too? If not, please review the regimen instructions and follow them EXACTLY.

Also, please check out the last link in my signature for some means of helping you deal with cysts/pimples/zits of all types.

Good luck! :)

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Your skin does not look too bad at all, it's just oily, don't over wash, try to stay away from oily foods, and use some topical drying agents like benzol peroxide.

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