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Accutane mid-term review & mindset entering the 3rd mont

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I have almost completed week 10.

I had a breakout at the end of the 1st and 2nd months. It's like the body is either in acne mode or healing mode. And there's nothing more frustrating than waiting a whole month (or more) for a breakout to go away, to think you're turning the corner, and then u get hit by another breakout. Those breakouts were characterized by 3 or 4 nastly looking pimples or cysts.

Those dark days are hopefully in the past....

BUT with every new pimple I get now, I'm VERY on edge, because it's put up or shut up time, so to speak. A relatively small pimple developed in the last 36 hrs, but I'm anxiously monitoring it to see if will grow into a monster or go away within a week. Pimples that come and go within a day are NOT pimples, folks, so call it something else. Pimples are inflammatory lesions on the skin. If it's not red, it's not a pimple.

After being on the medication for 2 months, I'm convinced that the skin takes much longer to heal. The 2 breakouts took FOREVER to heal, and the redmarks that are left behind require concealment or u'll look just as bad.

I'm drinking lots of water. I should probably sign a lease for the bathroom in my office. That gets a little annoying, but it's a healthy habit so I should just suck it up.

I can sense that I'm close to turning the corner on the right side of my face (the left side has been great for a month), but until it happens, the wait continues.

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I hear you. I have had a cluster of cysts that have finally went away. The area is still red but they are not there. Now I have 2 new cysts that have formed and a large pimple. I have this one are on my jaw line and it's making a bee line towards my neck. sad.gif I am going into my 3rd month and I am hoping soon that the cysts stay away. I do see improvement. I don't have 5 or more cysts at the same time. Good Luck with your treatment.

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I know I should probably wait till ending treatment to give "final" opinions, but I question the belief that Accutane prevents scarring with cysts that form while on the medication.

The skin takes longer to heal and yet, the scarring threat is supposed to be reduced? The skin takes a serious beating in the first couple months on Accutane..... maybe it's not scarring but it certainly isn't pretty.

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I use neosporin on my cysts that open and that seems to help. I don't put moisturizer on them just the neosporin. I'll have to let you know how it works cause I just started using it. I don't see the scaring as bad.

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