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forehead problems!

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I've suffered from acne for the best part of 10 years now and have been prescribed pretty much everything the doctors could give me, all the usual anti-biotics and topical creams that everyone's had. None of which have had a significant effect. I've had roaccutane twice having finished my last course around a year ago and while my acne came back after only a few months each time it was far and away the most effective treatment I've had, not to mention the happiest times of recent life due to the improved confidence! It totally cleared up my bacne and my cheeks are generally problem free now (just as well considering the craters I've developed over the years), just some occasional spot here and there. However, when it came back the second time my forehead has exploded and been a constant annoyance, an area which previously wasn't really a problem. It ranges from mild-moderate-severe, depending on what I don't know. I've improved my diet, sleeping and lifestyle a lot in this year but i'm still getting awful breakouts. Considering each time I've had the roaccutane my acne has slightly improved in one area, I'd like to get it again to try and get rid of my forehead problem but because it's generally only mild-moderate I'm pretty sure they won't prescribe me it. I've been fobbed off with minocycline/tetracycline/differin/duac and the rest by my derm but to no avail.

So my question is does anyone have any recommendations of cleansers or topical treatments I could try? or anything that works well for the forehead area.

I know that different things work for everyone but I'm willing to try anything! I know many people out there and on this board have much worse acne than me right now but I've been through the some very dark times and it's hard to forget those feelings when I look in the mirror and see a load of clusters jumping out of my head. I have generally poor skin but my acne now is better than it has ever really been, but after the years of pretty severe acne and resulting depression, isolationism and constantly thinking that I wasn't good enough a person to go out and do the things everyone else was doing has left me with a bit of a psychological barrier towards the way I look. Any spot or blemish sends me back into my old insecurities toward myself. I'm a relatively confident person but even small breakouts now destroy any sociability I might have (you wouldn't be surprised to know I'm currently single). I'm sure it doesn't matter to most people and they would tell me that I don't have a problem, but as anyone reading this will know, it's not these (albeit well-meaning) people's problem and they simply don't understand what damage it can do to your psyche!

I've also heard about the maintenance dosage for isotretinoin, if anyone has had this prescribed did they find it easier to get form their derm than a higher, more powerful dosage? And if anyone can recommend some supplements they have found effective I am all ears!

I'm old enough now (and no longer too naive) to realise that I will probably never be completely 'acne free', but I do believe that there is a manageable solution out there for everyone...even me! So any advice, comments, criticism, thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

P.s. this is my first post after recently finding this site and it has been a great help to read that there are other's out there with the same feelings, worries and experiences as me. It's helped loads even in the short time I've been reading posts and pages. I realise my experiences are nothing unique so sorry to take up loads of webspace but it's kinda good to get some of this off my chest.

apologies for the essay but thanks for sticking with it



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My forehead is by far the most persistant spot on my face also. Although the acne was more severe on my chin and jaw, those areas responded faster to topical treatments than my forehead, that was more mild/moderate. The best so far for me was the DKR - but it took a while for the forehead area to clear. At night, instead of moisturizing, I use Dan's AHA+. I think that has helped also. Despite this, I still get 1 or 2 small bumps on my forehead, but not the infestation that I did have. Soemthing to consider also is hair products. Some can cause problems on forehead, - try switching to an anti-dandruff shampoo that conatins zinc-something (forgot the exact name - I just know it has zinc). Also, change your pillows and what have you often.

I don't know about you, but the only bright side to the pimples on my forehead is that they don't leave red spots like the ones on my cheeks, jaw, and especially chin (which looks purple sometimes).

Overall, the DKR is a good maintenance regiman after accutane.

Best of Luck!

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