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when did YOU start seeing major improvements with DIFFERIN?

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im currently on my 5th week of differin and BP regiment and i started getting major breakouts last week and im hoping thats just from the IB and it will improve by the 6th or 7th week...

when did u guys start getting MAJOR improvements? like when ur IB started to end rapidly and started clearing up

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My breakout subsided somewhere around week 6, and I started to see small improvements around week 9 or 10. Sadly, it went stagnant around there and I ended up on Accutane, but I wish you luck. Most people seem to find Differin works well for them, so try to be positive and hopefully before you know it, you'll see improvements.

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wow yesterday (day 36) i started seeing MAJOr improvements, my left cheek is almost completely clear, only 1 more pimple that i just popped and my right cheek has about 4-6 ones left (had like 10-11 b4)

i hope this continues... :dance:

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its i think my 4th and a half week of using differin

my acne started shrinking actually

but before i had lots of breaks out because of using this

but now its starting to clear a bit

but now i have scars

but im going on roaccutane soon

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i had been using clindamycin (an antibiotic) for years before differin and during so i think that really helped but i started seeing results from differin only a few weeks in. i never had an initial breakout and i just stopped getting pimples. im on my 11th week now and ive had one pimple on my face in the last two months and it was tiny. i love differin

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