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Come bak here again!!!!!!

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I've been suffering from moderate severe acne for four months more and tried defferent methods to clear the acne on my face...... but none works well for me.

Drives me super crazy, and im kinda frustrated!


I just got the package ( starter kit) today and have started using them.

Evening: Cleanser > my skin felt a little bit tight . but it got dead skin off

BP > my skin felt a little hot n tight but gone very soon

Moisturizer > felt pretty good,, made my skin feel cool!


Hey guys. the pics below were taken in 2008 and 2009. That was my first experience with the Regimen. I stupidly stopped using the products when i felt my skin was good (winter 2009).

Summer 2010, i went back to my home country and the problem arose again. Luckily it was not as bad as the one i had in summer 2008.

March 8 2011, i start the regimen again (without the acne.org moisturizer). Have an appointment with a doctor this Thurs. My lymph nodes behind the right ear and in the neck have been swollen for 11 months (it happened along with the acne or allergy > Im not sure)

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I am back again..I remembered my face was almost clear around Feb 2009, which meant i had only using the regimen for 3 months more (didn't use the moisturizer quite often). As my face became really good, i stopped the regimen. And now i notice it was a BIG mistake. Last summer I went back to my home-country and started to have the same problem again. I tried a lot of products but none worked for me. How could i forget it was the Regimen to get me thru the tough time in 2008 and 2009. So i decide to come back here and follow the steps. Unfortunately, i have not got the moisturizer. Just wondering if i should order one. (i am currently using the aloe moisturizer from the body shop)

This was the progress i made in 2008 and 2009

These two were taken in Sep. 2008. But i started the regimen a month later and believe me... my face didnt get any better in that month


This was taken on Feb 14 2009, my fds and i had a party at home. I did wear makeup(my fd helped me), but mt face was almost clear at that time. Thats y i wore makeup. Im a kinda person that can't do the makeup myself and i don't like to have a lot of "things" on my face.

These was taken on April 23 2009. Sorry guys. I didnt take a good pic at that time. But no make-up at all. I know there may be some lighting effects. so i took pics in different places.

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