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cosette 29

has anyone taken accutane in very low doses?

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ive been on 20 mg a day for almost 3 weeks... ive seen no side effects whatsoever other than dryness around my mouth and chapped lips... i didnt break out, in fact im clearing up very fast... im gonna stick with this low dosage for as long as i can because im willign to stay on the drug for longer in sacrifice for a higher dose...

just know that im only 16 and some possible side effects might not be affecting me because im young and in shape (i think)

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A low dose means that the drug will take longer to build up in your body. This means it will take longer to be fully effective. It's simply a 'different' way of going about things.

Most people do not take less than 30-40mg a day. How much do you weigh?

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Wanted to know if there is anyone out there that has taken accutane 10-20mg. to start. Did it work and what were the side effects?

I had read an article of someone using 10mg a day for 12 years. He had a bone spur on the bottom of one foot, but they didn't know whether the accutane caused it or not.

Looking back on it-I feel as if I would of been better off using a low dose rather than the 80mg a day. Some people can tolerate the drug better than others. Even on the 80mg a day, I was all thrust and no vector, I was very depressed and a bit out of control.

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