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Its been exactly one day today that I started using retin-a. My skin looks awful...but I can tell that there is new skin starting to emurge. I am still purging...not as badly as a few days ago though. The peelies have continued....but I dont mind it that much because I just wash it off in the shower.

Today I had 3 new inflamed pimples emerge...but they are seeming to come to a head more quickly. Some of the micro pimples have started to go away, and my blackheads have significantly reduced! :dance:

*knock on wood* haha

So here is my new regimen:


*wash with cetaphil cleanser for oily skin

*rub pimple eraser (contains glycolic acid) on my entire face (to help with the peeling)

*spot treat any inflamed pimples with benzyl

*put a generous amount of aloe vera on face


*wash with cetaphil cleanser

*spot treat any open/highly inflamed pimple with hydrogen peroxide

*wait 20 minutes...then apply retin-a .025%

Im hoping this worksssss

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Keep the hope up. I hope retin-a works well for you. I used micro and it was worked great.

Thanks!!!!!!!!!! I will keep everyone posteddddddddddd :)

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Remove BP from your regimen as it oxidizes the retin-a I believe. You should pick one or the other (retin-a or BP), but not use both even for spot treatment.

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Hey guys

So its been about a week and half on retin-a. My skin is beginning to get really dry, and I have had a few inflamed pimples pop up. I have a lot of scarring, and my face appears more red.

So I found that if in the mornings (with my cetaphil) i add some drops of jojoba oil, that my skin becomes moisturized. Has anyone used jojoba oil?

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