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Laser treatment for stretch marks/scarring

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Before I plop down a chunk of money has anyone done or know ne1 who got laser treatment for stretch marks which are scars, deep in the dermis. Thats why creams and gels dont work on them, they have a layer of fatty tissue over them.

I got them and im 25. There about 2-3 months old and have stopped appearing. I tried merdma didnt do a thing and if I'm goign to spend money I want it to count and make a difference.

I was rec. Fraxel. I read about how red you guys got and all that. I could handle that, i hope, on my sides of my stomach area. Thats where i developed about 6 lines on each side of my body. I could disguise my skin with my clothing of course.

Any stretch mark advice? As I said there just about 2 months old and still pinkish/red/purple..EWW i know. But i gained the weight, about 30 pds in 3 motnhs last november and stopped gaining after i quit the med that made me gain and still got stretchs a year later...sucks. My doc who would do it charges , i know, 800 per treatmetn for a full face. So i dont know about a side of a stomach for six lines. 12 total...TIA

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Try the re:pair or re:store. treat them now before they get older and white. i read clinical studies that showed pics of a young woman who had great improvement only after 1 re:store. a series of 5-6 could probably get rid of them completely especially if they are new.

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