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stop wasting money

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So I had good skin, not oily, no blackheads, no acne. Then I started using the products that most people here use daily and have used for years thing it helps, but my skin became super oily, had blackheads, and dirty looking pores. I Since have stopped this and have noticed my skin is getting back to normal.

A lot of people have been realizing that most products dont help. They may help in the short term, but you are making you skin dependent on something it doesnt even need.

You skin is made to be self sustaining, depending on your skin type.

The only people I can help are people with larger pores and darker skin.

If your skin is very oil its most likely from over use of some product.

Now something you need to remember is that the only thing that will help you is time and that nothing is overnight, or even over a week. No product will do this with sustained results.

Now how do you fix your skin.

First thing is to get your oil glands under control to have a natural sync with your skins needed moisture. This can be done by limiting washing to once per day, with a mild cleanser (get a plant based product) Remember this could take weeks or months.

Second doctors are doing a job. Period. They get paid for your problems. Some doctors care more about patients than money, this is honestly the first step to clear skin. Doctors that put you on a bunch of random stuff. This does not help.

Third be realistic, your skin is never going to be "perfect" period.

Fourth, The hardest part. While there is no food that causes you to brake out, if you honestly think that, its all mental, but not eating certain foods can cause a deficiency.

Fifth, Exercise, exercise, exercise. It increases blood flow which increases healing which increases the resilience of your skin, less acne, less scaring left from acne.

Drink water. Most likely the most important thing you can do. (if you cant stand drinking water all day try mixing it with a juice)

So basically this is what im suggesting for you to do daily

Take a shower at night, use gentle plant based products, dont rinse with water at all during the day. stick it out if you have oily skin when you wake up, just leave it. It wont be like that very long i promise.

Lastly the most important thing, the most hardest thing, If you let your skin condition control your life it wont get better. Positive thinking is the most powerful thing you can do for your skin, some people are going to think it BS but its true, the more you dwell on your skin the worse its going to get, the less you think about it, and do it it, the better it will be. This is my personal experience.

I hope this helps some of you. I just want people to know that it can get better, it will get better, you just have to have the right state of mind.

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this kind of makes sense, i might try it sometime in the future. so ur basically saying no moisturiser or anything, just a cleanser at night, and completely clear your diet up. what kind of 'plant-based' cleanser?

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woah woah woah

I need my cetaphil oil-free moisturizer!


but seriously

i had like 6 pimples not really cared, i went to Malaysia (mah home country)

and my family gave me all these products and it ruined my skin

now I have so many scars and now coming back to US I start school ACNEFIED and horrible skin

I went back to just doing the normal stuff I do in US it's slowly coming back to the clearified state it was before I went to malaysia

Don't go to Asia during the summer with acne


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I have always kinda wondered that if my skin would clear up eventually if I just stopped everything...

My acnes not THAT bad to start with. However trying to get off proactivs been enough of a disaster for now...

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indeed, we breakout when we freakout about a few pimples and use many stupid products

then we have even more then use even more products then we have so many scars


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that is EXACTLY why i don't want to go to a dermatologist whatsoever

all they're going to do is put you on some STRONG ass shit and it makes your skin go nuts

and also causes some crazy side effects.

I use simple things for my skin like: oatmeal soap, all natural witch hazel (for the face), and a good moisturizer

the less chemicals you put on your skin, the more your skin behaves :clap:

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i agree with everything you said except the fact that food doesnt cause acne. Trust me, it does. Whether it be deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals, excess toxins, or just an imbalance of foods

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Everything in moderation, don't over-do it and don't use lot's of weird and wonderful things.

Some oil-free moisturiser, rose water and aloe vera gel will be fine. I just use sanex soap to wash my face rather than some super duper cleanser, though it is important to exfoliate now and again.

If you get a horrilbe spot, just squeeze then put some toothpaste on it, it will soon go flat.

I think you just need to think natural, but def clean up the diet, do a colon cleanse and stop drinking soda!

And yes diet does affect acne, I realised that years of drinking soda, and not even much of it had caused a magnesium deficiency and that i was completely dehydrated. Ive started drinking water and takin magneisum and my skin is clearing up pretty fast.

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I wouldn't doubt a link between acne and food, because some people are going to have reactions to certain items (such as diary), but I always find it strange that I NEVER see overweight people with acne. Seriously, just think about teenage/young adults who are overweight in your life. If you live in America, they're all around. You'd think it would be far common, but it doesn't seem that way. Definitely no more common among those overweight than the average boy/girl.

And does anyone remember the movie super size me where the guy ate nothing but mcdonalds for a month? He should have had acne if all logic of food/acne would to be believed, although he didn't.

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In response to the comment about soda, I used to drink cokes twice a day, eat burgers, lots of french fries, chips, really bad food. Sweets, etc. No zits. And man, I loved drinking a coca cola! For a few weeks about a year ago, I drank more Coke than water. No zits during this time. Then, for whatever reason, I just quit drinking soda and changed my food habits and started to eat much healthier.

About this time, I started getting extremely painful, super deep zits on my nose. They were red, very inflamed, ugly, the "don't go out today" pimples, only they were constant and unrelenting. They were painful and disfiguring. About 9 months or so of this, one after another after another, constant, i ended up with a few scarred pores on my nose. I tried everything to make them go away but to no avail. They were so bad I was beginning to have mental breakdowns. Forget just the way they looked. They were painful. I couldn't yawn without feeling a lot of pain in my nose area.

For a few weeks, in desperation, I began to eat nothing but raw food, very healthy, tons of water, probably too much, and lost 10 lbs. I am already an underweight guy with a high metabolism and have a very hard time gaining weight. I had just gained 10 lbs with hard work, and lost it all fast when I went on this ridiculous health diet.

The deep zits kept coming. For months I tried all sorts of stuff to get rid of these zits.

Finally, after about 8 months of this agony, I read a review on here for some 10% bp and figured "what do I have to lose." So I applied the 10% BP using dans method of applying a ton of it. When I started out, I went all out. I was using a 10% BP face wash three times a day, and on top of that applying a huge load of 10% bp. THAT combination caused awful peeling, and would cause some irritation. I stopped using the wash.

My nose doesn't peel with just BP gel, and I apply it 3 times a day (lightly during the day, a heavy dose before bed). I also use Oxy Salicylic Acid pads twice a day before I apply the BP gel. At night, it's just straight BP gel, no nonsense. This routine, has had the biggest positive affect so far.

Anyways, the point of all that was to say that I believe the diet thing is baloney after what I went through. I used to eat absolute junk up to a few months ago, and my skin was fine. For whatever reason, all of a sudden, I started getting these nose pimples, and if my diet had anything to do with it, then it would mean that switching to a healthier diet caused my zits.

F$#% acne!

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