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This just sounds like an overall bad idea to me. Perhaps not washing the face is better than washing it with harsh chemicals that are found in many soaps. But surely a clean face is always a first step in fighting acne?

I use Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. Ingredients:

Water, saponified organic coconut & olive oils (w/ retained glycerin), organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, tea tree extract, citric acid, and vitamin e.

Nothing harsh there so I fail to see how not washing my face could benefit me.

Someone care to enlighten me?

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Yeh, as a person who know very little about oils/extracts, your soap sounds fine to me (just to clarify: I know very little).

im currently not washing my face at all..been doing so for like 6 days. I guess im fed up. actually (and more honestly), ive been inspired by some older threads where people have had a lot of success with this. It is also makes sense to me.

you prob are not irritating your face, so sweet. I think i was though.

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to begin with, my skin has never been oily so im in a unique position. i started doing this with irritated/dry/red skin in patches. before doing nothing, i was using cetaphil cleanser and cetaphil cream (at night)..both were great. but i found myself dependent on the cream.

i now use neither. my skin became blotchy at day 3/4 but now healing. I still have dead/flakey skin on my chin but instead of moisturising it away/exfoliating im leaving it alone. i did a little reseach on the importance of the "acid mantle" of the skin (i dont think ive had one for like 4 years)..Im trusting that my skin will be able to heal itself.

im not even washing my face with water anymore (i think the hardness of the water irritates it - it won't later on i reckon once my skin becomes normal again). Yeh this is radical, i know but im sticking with it

edit: i guess i didnt really answer your question. i guess my best way of putting it is that things are different (and i reckon my skin is thanking me for it - i.e. giving it the chance to finally do the work without me interfering)...time will tell

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I think the not-washing-face thing only works IF u live on a mountain or just somewhere that's really clean

I mean...we live in an environment filled with dust and radiation( anything electric has some radiation ) but they can be washed off

I dunno how can u live without wash ur face...the discomfort is too much x_x

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Hmm, yeah I'm pretty sure you can't wash off radiation. :think: lol

I think people's skin gets irritated from two things when it comes to washing their face. I believe one is the harsh chemicals in the soap and the other is scrubbing with a wash cloth.

Regardless if you have acne or not, or your acne is externally caused or internally caused, I think it is a good idea to switch to an all natural soap. There is no point in putting chemicals on your face if you don't have to. And even if you don't see an improvement from a natural soap, it is still good for your skin.

I used to scrub with my wash cloth and I believe that was more the cause of irritation than my soap. I now use a wash cloth very carefully. I wet it with hot water and hold it against my face several times to open up my pores and help naturally "pop" any pussy acne I may have.

I only use my fingers to spread on my soap. I then splash water on my face to remove the soap. Afterward, I pat my face drive with a towl. I said pat my face, not rub my face dry.

My method of washing my face has really helped cut down on the irritation so I recommend trying it before cutting out washing the face all together.

Again the soap I use is Dr. Bronner's Magical Soap, available at Whole Foods.

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I think acne sufferers should wash with water only. No irritation, no nothing. Your skin isn't bad because you're dirty, its because there is a disfunction in your internal system.

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I wash my face 2 times a day.

I find that if I do not wash my face,my face will be sticky/irritated ,and feels a lil more oilier...I like the squeaky clean feeling when going to sleep.

However,I cant use any face wash...I tried the more harsher kind,and they dry my skin too much,or scrape my skin a bit..plus I tend to be allergic to the colors and dyes and other irritants in certain washes and I end up with rash like bumps. on my cheeks..

..so I stick to using my gentle cleanser ,and and use my manual exfoliator 2 times a week..and Im good for the most part.

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