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Hey whats up its KeepHopeAlive. I just started my tane course and I am very excited about the next few months. I figured I would change my display name because I felt with tane I needed a change. I workout 6 days a week and by far the hardest day is leg day. Squatting is a the best exercise when done properly. So while I'm on accutane if times ever get tough I'll just compare it to squatting to get me through it. BTW the guy in my avatar is a guy named Arnold Schwarzenegger(G.O.A.T.). You might have heard of him. Anyway I plan updating this log regularly with descriptions and progress pictures.


1 40mg accutane tab @ 1200pm.

Nothing really to report since I just started. My facial acne is currently mild. My bacne is a little worse than moderate. My lips are dry but they are always dry. So with that in mind I'm probably looking at an intense lip regime down the road. My derm hooked me up with some really good lip balm. I'll be back later. Have a nice day everyone.

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Day 9

Nothing crazy to report. I think my face is going through an initial breakout which is annoying. I'm starting to get dry especially my lips. Can't be anywhere without my lip balm and its only been 9 days. Whew, long way to go but I know it will be worth it. Bacne seems a little better don't know if its the tane already but so far I haven't broke out any worse on my body since starting. Be back later. Take care everyone.

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Day 132

Bacne is way different. But I'm not satisfied yet. I'm still seeing minor breakouts here and there. But this has been the best treatment by far. Honestly the only side effect that I have felt is dry lips. Nothing else. Have one more month to go. I hope I still see a improvement. Right now I'm about 85-90% clear. My face is pretty much 100% clear all the time now. I'm thinking I might go on another course later. Because my derm didn't really put me on a heavy dose. Most of the time I was taking 40mg a day. Now I'm take 60mg 3x week and 40mg 4x week. I know some people are taking 80mg a day. See you soon.

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Hey everyone. I'm back to report that my body acne is 100% clear as well as my face. I owe it to the accutane. I was on it for a total of 7 months. Its been about a month and half since being off it and I'm still maintaining clear skin. My derm said my oil levels will go back up. But how much he doesn't know. He said if I'm fortunate they will stay at a medium and I won't have to deal with anymore acne. But they could become high again and I might have to consider another course. I hope I don't have to endure another course, but I will if thats what I need. For now though I'm going to enjoy the time that I have clear skin. Gee its been years since I could say that. Since freshmen high school and now I'm 23 and feel like a new person with a new outlook on life. If you have any questions please, I'm here to help. Later.

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