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After 7 years of acne... it's finally almost OVER!!!

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Day 29 (about 4 weeks!)

Hello! I hope everyone had a fantasic New Years!!! I know I did haha.

Thanks Vyana!

Ok well my skin is not a happy camper right now. My acne is not improving at all yet, but still it is early and I have hope. Ugh.. yesterday I had a really bad headache (I know what your thinking but it was not a hangover headache! I dont drink which makes getting a hangover impossible lol). But anyways, its gone today, thankfully. Other than that dry lips is really my only symptom. I did lose a couple of pounds though (which I'm not going to complain about :) ) I went from 115 to 110 and I'm 5'2, however I am concerned about losing anymore weight because I don't want to waste away! So I've added some higher calorie foods into my diet.

So to sum up:

->Acne= red, inflammed, mildly tender, and making itself nice and cozy on my face

->Symtoms= dry lips


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Hey! Glad to hear that your skin is drying up! You should be taking your pill with something high in fat because it will increase the absorbtion, and that should help with your weight too. Just make sure it's good fat (nuts, avocado, etc) and not just a slab of butter haha. Don't worry it does take a little while for your skin to totally clear up, but you really shouldn't sleep with make-up on. I'm sure if your boyfriend knows you're on Accutane, he won't be terribly bothered if you were to sleep without make-up. As for nose bleeds, some vaseline or baby oil gel on a q-tip (especially in the winter) should really help things. Baby oil gel is also great for chapped lips. As for your headache, make an effort to drink 2 glasses of water before you go to bed and another 2 when you get up in the morning. It will prevent your skin from getting super dry, and should help the headaches. Moisturising is better done from the inside out! But don't worry just give your tane some time to work, you wont notice a difference overnight, but take a picture of your face once a week, and then when you lok back to the first one, you'll see how much better it's getting! Keep us updated!

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ONE MONTH! :dance:

Yayy!! So excited! Not much to report besides that! My derm appointment is not for one more day, so I'm not going to be taking an Accutane pill tomorrow. I don't believe that will cause any type of setback in my treatment though.

Thank you so much for all the info and support MerDub! I'm definately going to try what you suggested for moisurizing from the inside out, and nosebleeds (although I haven't gotten any the past 2 days *knock on wood*). And I never thought of baby oil for lips but it sounds like a very good idea! Trust me I know its bad to sleep with make up on (and it feels awful). My boyfriend knows I'm on Accutane and is very supportive, however, it was the rest of his entire family I didn't want to see my face :ninja: Since I was sharing a room with a couple other female members of his family (and not him) who would wake me up in the morning, I didn't feel comfortable going bare faced.

Thanks so much again for your response! Keep your fingers crossed for me! haha.

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33 days

Ok so I had my derm appointment and he knocked my doseage up to 60mg a day. So thats one 20mg pill in the morning and two 20mg pills at night. Sounds like a lot of pills haha, but I say bring it on! The more the merrier!

Everything else remains the same... and so I wait.

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Day 39 (about 5 1/2 weeks)

Hi again! Ok well life has been going good, my face has been ehh. I do believe it is starting to get better though *knocks on wood*. My face doesn't "look" much better due to all the red marks, however when I touch it does feel smoother. The red marks are beginning to look less angry though which I'm thrilled about!

Everything else remains the same. My skin isn't too dry, my lips are chapped (I ALWAYS have a coat of moisturizer on!), oil is gone :dance: , and thats about it.

Cool side note! I just ordered jojoba oil and I'm so excited to use it haha.

Until next time!

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Day 52 (about 7 weeks)

Hey everyone! Sorry its been so long since I've updated. I got a sinus infection :doh: I get about one every year and let me be the first to say they royally suck!!!! So on top of my dry skin/lips, nose bleeds, and headaches, I had to persist through a mean fever, even worse headaches than before, sinus congestion (sp?), and everything else that goes along with sickness! Ok ok now the complaining is offically over :boohoo: for me! haha.

My skin, however, does seem to be getting better. While its still heavily dotted with red marks the number of actives around my mouth has decreased substantially. Weird side note though, my forehead/very sides of head (right next to the ear area) acne have gotten worse and don't really look like they want to clear up anytime soon. I don't care I'm just happy I can finally kind of see it working. Plus I know I've still got quite awhile to go so no worries yet!

Until next time have a fantastic day!

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Day 64 (9 weeks)

Hey! Well nothing too much has happened over the past 2 weeks. My skin does seem to be on the "healing" end of this whole process though which is awesome! Most of my actives are flattening out, so I mostly just have red marks now. Although I do still get active acne much more than is desirable.

I had my derm appointment a couple days ago and he kept me at 60mgs, but said that next month it will probably be bumped to 80mgs, which I'm fine with. So long as I have clear skin when all is said and done, I'll take whatever doseage is given to me!

Oh side note! I bought Dan's Jojoba oil and am LOVING IT! I still haven't mustered up enough courage to put it on my face, but I mix it with my "all-over" moisturizer and my skin loves it!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!

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