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the stages you go thru taking accutane????

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ive been taking accutane for 2 weeks now, and apart from my dry lips nothing seems to have changed, i wondered what sort of time frame you have you wait before you see results.

after a number of weeks does it get worse? and then what number of weeks before people have seen an imrpovement?

my skin doesnt even feel dry at all even though i was told it dries out a lot. i do have oily skin though, so is that the reason?

im taking 40mgs a day and have a 3 months subscription.

responses would be appriciated.


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Phase 1 - Lots of dryness & Redness

Phase 2 - Texture of skin is strange, probably worse

Phase 3 - Redness calms down a bit and texture evens out

Phase 4 - Forgetting you are actually on accutane despite dryness and fatigue

Phase 5 - ??

Phase 6 - Profit

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how long would you say each stage would last? i see you hide from the sun, is it really bad to be in the sun then?

also it says on stage 4 you can be fatigued, i play football so do you think this is going to be a problem?


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Probably a month per phase, it's not accurate or anything, but the general progression of things. You are sensitive to UV rays whilst using any kind of retinoid and it is wise to stay out of the sun and wear sunblock if you have to.

I don't think the fatigue will be a problem when you play football, for me it sets in usually when i'm not physically active. I'm sure if you are moving about a lot, it will be easily shrugged off.

I'm also from Kent, *waves*

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