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hi guys

ive just started a long term utra low dose of tane and thought id keep a log as there is quite a bit of discussion about it at the moment but not many logs. i previously did a usual accutane course at 30mg for 8 months about a year and a half ago, which worked fantastic but unfortunately hasnt semmed to have lasted. my acne is nowhere near what is was which i am thankful for, but after having clear skin and knowing how much better i feel i dont want to wait and see what happens with my skin id rather get on with dealing with it now. i have a big pyscological problem with acne, and have just started uni so ive decided with my derm that a long term ultra low dose may be the best option for now. im started at 10mg two days on and one day off for two weeks, then 10mg daily for another 2 weeks and see how things are. im hoping to avoid an IB doing it this way, i was lucky last time and didnt get one. then i plan to find the lowest possible dose that will maintain clear skin. ive read for some people its 10mg only once of twice a week.

im on day 6 so my first week basically, i have no active acne right now. i broke out on my forehead a few days ago but am just left with red marks. i had an inflamed clogged pore on my nose come up yesterday but i think that will heal within a couple of days.

im taking evening primrose oil, zinc, milk thistle and a general multivitamin as well.

at the mo am using tea tree oil to spot treat but am thinking about giving bp a go. i know id have to be cautious using bp with tane but my dose is so low i dont think it will be a problem.

anyway any questions feel free. i'll post some photos in a couple of days.

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