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There is no way I'm going to the gym without make up on whilst my skin is still covered in red marks, spots, scars, etc..

Does anyone have any opinions on this subject? Am I risking an almighty potential break out of acne? Does makeup block your pores to such a serious degree? If so, I may have to quit the gym and start exercising by just running round the block in evenings.

I few months ago I did have a really bad break out of acne which lasted over a month during a period of regular exercise at a gym, but I can't really say if it was related. Back then I was just using BP at night.

I am worried about all the build up of oil, dirt and sweat throughout the day. I would be applying BP, moisturiser, and make up at 7.30am, then I would be going to work untill 5pm, and then straight to the gym. Get home at 7pm and immediately cleanse my face with cotton pads. Is this too long a period for my face to be suffocating? Or is it even suffocating?

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You shouldn't wear makeup while exercising cause it'll block pores and cause breakouts. Have you tried using a tinted BP? Also I've used Bare Minerals on my face and they say that it is very natural and does not block pores. Maybe this could work for you and just make sure you wash it off immediately after working out. I bought an eliptical trainer to work out at home instead so I don't have to worry about that same problem.

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Thanks for the reply. Have you got anymore info on this tinted BP? Is it as good as the more regular BP like Proactiv/dans/quinderm, etc..

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It's Neutrogena on the spot, which is actually recommended by Dan. There's two kinds, vanishing and tinted. The tinted one has skin color in it so you can hide blemishes. Proactiv makes a concealer that also contains acne medication, look into their website. I've only tried their loose powder and didn't like it cause it was toooooooo small.

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