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supercop and exfol serum trial

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I just received my order of supercop and exfol cream from Skin Biology today. I will try it out tonight and keep people updated as to how it works for my scars, which are mostly shallow rolling scars all over my cheeks. The worst scar is from a lesion I picked and "overtreated" with medication and it's about a millimeter deep and 3 mm wide-- a boxcar scar in the middle of my cheek. There is also a trail of "dimply" scars that look very noticeable as one huge "line" especially when I smile but which would hardly be of concern were each scar located far apart from each other. I realize that it will be a long time before I can look in a store mirror under harsh lighting and not have to maneuver my head so that I wouldn't have to see the sad and hideous scarring, but I will post whenever I notice any kind of improvement regarding skin-- this includes redness, uneven skin tone, texture, pores, and wrinkles. Dr. Pickart claims his formula will enable skin to function the way it had when we were children (I'm 23 now)-- I am hoping he was not exaggerating too much. Wish me luck! smile.gif

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Tonight I'm applying Supercop for the second time. I applied exfol cream this morning for the second time. My skin seemed pretty hydrated when I checked it after waking up, but that's not unusual. I washed my face as usual and did the tape exfoliation method. It seemed a LOT more dead skin was coming off than usual-- but that could be because I haven't taped so thoroughly in a while. The real surprise came when I applied the exfol cream and put makeup on top of that. My skin took the makeup really really well. Even after application of concealer and powder, my skin looked almost poreless and texture-free against harsh natural light. I think I can safely say that the Supercop and the exfol cream are helping my skin to look smoother.

I did get a new whitehead on a place that had been acne-free for a while-- this could be the supercop's fault, but it appeared so soon afterwards that it may more likely be the product of a dirty pillowcase or something else. I wouldn't so far claim that supercop is breaking me out.

My favorite professor (a woman) commented that I looked very pretty today, which I don't attribute wholly to supercop (I was wearing too much makeup to show any real 'glowing skin'), it may have been my outfit or something, but I thought nevertheless that it was an excellent sign to continue with the creams.

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It's been five days since I've been using supercop and exfol cream. I apply the exfol in the morning and the supercop at night.

The exfol cream is a GREAT moisterizer. You can feel it hydrating the skin instantly. The makeup goes on really well on top of it. It is also an incredible exfoliator. Dead skin comes off in scabs in some places (like where there used to be a zit).

The supercop SEEMS like it's doing something, because it always stings when I put it on. That said, today my scars (rolling and pretty noticeable indentations) seemed more depressed than before. I wasn't happy to see that my skin looked so OBVIOUSLY scarred even in lighting that used to satisfy me before. sad.gif I don't know how to explain why it looked worse than before, but I 'm hoping that it is only temporary. I still have confidence in Supercop... it's so weird-looking that it's got to be beneficial! Greenish-blue and lumpy, like a puree, with a fragrance that is both pleasant and nauseating... My scars could be looking worse because I've been under a lot of stress lately.

As far as breakouts, other than the small ones that appeared the first day of the trial, I haven't had new zits crop up. The ones that had appeared disappeared rather quickly (leaving small red marks), and the scabby flaky dead skin that I'd mentioned above appeared in its place. I sloughed those off with tweezers and tape.

An immediate positive effect that supercop has been having on my skin: my skin tone is definitely evening out. Maybe there's even a glow to it, but makeup covers that up more or less. Not so much redness, and the red marks seem less noticeable. I'm happy about these effects, but I would rather have my skin be red and blotchy yet smooth than to have unsightly craters... [-o< [-o< [-o<

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