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Hot water, sauna, spa - do they help with closed camedones?

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When I use hot water my pimples become weak and it is easy to squeeze them. It also becomes easy to exfoliate with scrubs/baby brush and more crap comes out. Hot water opens up pores.

BUT another problem is that hot water removes good oils from your skin and it causes your body to produce even more oil which causes even more closed comedones.

So, I am not sure...I don't get blackheads or inflamed acne. I just have lots of small non-inflamed comedonal acne. Should I use hot water or not? It does make my skin real oily. When I use cold water then BP actually dries out the pimples. When I use hot water BP is worthless due to oil release and it doesn't dry anything at all (even at 10%, super ultra thick layer).

I also use SA 2%. I figured it should compensate for the exfoliation done by hot water and not have the same negative side effects.

Any ideas? What about going to saunas and spas?

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From what I've read heat doesn't really "open" up pores. Pores can stretch but not open or close.

If you have oily skin I'd wash with hot or warm water, just because that would help you get the oil off your face. Don't go overboard though, as hot water can irritate skin. The key is to be gentle.

Hot water also preps the skin - makes it softer and easier to work with. That's why when you go get a facial they steam your face first. It makes the whole cleaning bit of it easier.

What I do though is to wash with hot water, and then rinse with cold water. My aunt who's a dermatologist suggested me to do this and yeah i think it works.

Best of luck

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