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acne freaken stinks - and I mean that!!

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So this is just another acne log that I'm using to keep track of how it's working and stuff. I may not post everyday, because school has really been a burden to me and very stressful.

I have moderate acne. Tons of blackheads and measily little bumps on my forehead, nose, and chin. Then occasionaly I got stupid whiteheads and red inflamed bumps on my nose or forehead. I have combination skin, thats oily in the T-zone, and then normal on my cheeks. Sometimes, my nose gets really dry because of the product I am using at the time.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.

My Acne Log

So, I'm trying to get a fresh new start on hoping to finally get rid of all my stupid acne. The journey hasn't been easy so far, but I'm hoping the new personalized regimen I am using will help.


Acne Free Severe 24/7 Severe Acne Wash

Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent

Clean & Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer


Acne Free Severe 24/7 Severe Acne Wash

Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent

Acne Free Terminator 10 Spot treatment (or I use Neutrogena Clear Pore as a spot treatment)

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Day # 1

October 11, 2008

So today is the first day I started this regimen.

Right now I have a lot of small bumps and blackheads on my forehead.

A couple black heads on my chin

And 3 whiteheads on my nose, and also a bunch of blackheads.

I washed my face this morning with Acne Free Severe Wash, then I wiped my face with the astringent. I really like the astringent, because you can feel it working and it tingles. And then I put my moisturizer on.

Of course, I can't see any difference because I just started. So I am hoping this regimen actually works, and I'll be sure to update tonight on this post!

Also, I have a question. What can I do for flaky itchy skin? My skin has been kind of peeling on my nose and its itchy.

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Day # 2

I have 3 red pimples on my nose that are really sore. And then a clump of blackheads along my hairline. I really want to get rid of them by tuesday, since I don't have school tomorrow. And the skin around my nose is still itchy, when I scratch it, some of my skin flakes off. Any tips?

I did a mint julep scrub today, and a mud pack mask. my skin feels smoother, and with the scurb I made sure to really exfoliate. I'll have to use my clear pore tonight as a sot treatment. It's worked for me in the past at drying up pimples.

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Day #11... I think

Ok, sorry for not posting for 10 days.

I've been really busy with school, and a lot of my relatives have been coming over; therefor I wasn't able to get on my computer.

So, my regimen stinks. It just isn't working for me. I have a HUGE big red zit in the middle of my nose. And since it has no head, I can't pop that sucker. I have a small pimple on my cheek, and I never get zits there!! arrrgh. I still have blackheads around my nose, chin, and forehead. Those will just never go away. And the skin around my nose is extremely dry and is flaking. I moisturize every night and morning, but its still dry and the air in our town is getting very cool in the morning (30 degrees F)

I am just so annoyed with this acne!!!!! ARRRGHHH

I think I'm just gonna wash my face with soap. Yes, plain soap. Apparently, thats what everyone has been saying that works. Just wash with a bar of soap. Then I'll use a trader joe's toner that has worked for me in the past, and find a better moisturizer for my face. Any suggestions?

There goes the money I spent on all those crappy acne products.. ugghh

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So I'm starting a new regimen:

Wash face with - Pears Soap, clear glycerin bar (all natural- except for the glycerin part)

Tone with - Trader Joe's Toner (all natural)

Dry out pimples with - Acne Free Terminator 10 (10% BP spot treatment)

Moisturize with - Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion

Twice a week I will exfoliate with St. Ives apricot scrub (Tuesday and Thursday)

Once a week I will use Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask. (Saturday)

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Day # 12

I still have that red zit. And its aggrivating me so much. I was able to squeeze it this morning, but its still there and still red. Makeup won't cover it up correctly, and I have basketball tonight. So I can't wear makeup because im running around in a hot gym, and yeah. Sweat will just like wash off the makeup.

So i'll be running around with a big red zit the size of washington on my nose!

ARRGGH I want to STAB this pimple!!!

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Twice a week I will exfoliate with St. Ives apricot scrub (Tuesday and Thursday)

I bought a tube of that myself, and I've posted some topics and the majority of responses advice me to stop using it since the scrub is very harsh to your skin since they're not 'beads' . Either you can keep using it, just VERY gently scrub or if you have bacne, use that for it.

Try Dan's regimen, it sounds like you're irritating your skin even more when you're changing products in 2 weeks?

Also if you have to pop a whitehead or pustule, use a sterile needle ( like use rubbing alcohol or clean it ) and then use either a tissue or Q-tips to push out the nasty gunk. NEVER use your finger nails, that's what causes it become more infected. I recommend using Neosporin cream to heal a popped pimple, and calm down the redness.

Oh, last thing, I never realized this until I read carefully lol ~ when cleansing and treating your face/skin do it very gently ... I used to be harsh to my face when washing and treating lol, bad bad.

Good luck ! Keep posting.

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ughh, sorry for posting once again. School is a dread, and we never get to rest; I have so much homework and projects to do, lol.

So, well my big zit went away, but now I have three red bumps on my hairline; and some blackheads on my chin.

I'm thinking of using a teatree bar of soap instead of the Pears.. its not doing much for me.

SCaliGirl: Yeah, I've heard a lot of bad things about the scrub. (I have a jar of it) But its been really working for me, its really smoothed out my skin. So, I guess it just works for some people! But yeah, I don't really scrub it in when I use it, And I make sure my face is moist. Its just like how one thing can work for another.

Dans Regimen? You mean the soap, BP, and lotion? Or his own line of products? I don't neccesarily like to fallow others regimens, because one thing may work for them may not work for another. And I actually had the first regimen alot longer than 2 weeks, I had been using that one for about actually 6 months. And the only reason for changing products was too actually improve my skin, because I found out (Im so dumb I know) that the products I was using all had BP and all had SA so they were really irritating my skin; so I found some more gentler products. And so far, they have been working for me :D

Thanks for the popping advice, I actually have this.. well I guess you could call it a zip popping tool, :) And it has an opening.. and its made out of metal. I always dip that in rubbing alcohol and then use it to pop my zit. Ive never thought of using a needle, I'll deffinatly trying that!

I'll deffinatly try the neosporin, never thought of using it. I usually always used Vitamin E oil.

Thanks for all the advice, really helped!!

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Day # 25

So like I said before, I have 3 whiteheads on my hair line, and then a group/clump of blackheads on my chin.I was thinking of using a tea tree soap instead of the pears glycerin bar, but I am not entirely sure yet.

I'll try to post quicker these few days although I have a lot of homework due.

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Day # 37

My acne has really been clearing away after I changed my regimen.

I have a few scars, and the rare whiteheads I get go away in 1-2 days, I am SO happy!

I think it might have been the OLAY cleansing pads I had been using... I stopped using the bar of soap eversince It got really soggy and gooey.. it was weird.

But anyway, I still have a lot of blackheads on my forehead, and quite a few scars. But i'll see how this 'new' regimen will be working for me

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