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What helped me with my severe acne.

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Ive been suffering from severe acne for 8-9 years now, but 2 months ago I got some tips from a friend how to clear my skin up. And this has really been working out for me, so I hope this could work for you to.

The first thing i started was to was my face more often. Mainly in the morning and right before going to bed, but also after being out of the house for a longer period of time. This will help with washing away much of the unnecessary fat and bacteria that plug's up the pores and don't allow the skin to breath properly.

Second, i started changing my bed sheets more often. I usually change it very other 2-3 days. This keeps fat from smudging off to my skin. It's especial important to change the pillowcase every day. Even though you don't use any hair products, fat will get from you hair to your pillow in the night and then on to your face.

Third. I stopped using any hair products, so when I wash my hair, the fat from the hair products wont run down over my face, back and chest.

Fourth. I have 2 types of pressures on my shower head, so I use the hard pressure to wash my face, neck and back when I'm in the shower. And I never wash my hair at the same time. (I usually wash it after in the sink) And I never use any shower gel or soap, as I discovered that it only did thing worse with the acne. Instead I just use really hot water.

Fifth. I try not touching my face with my palms as much. I don't want the fat and bacteria from my palms getting in my face. (So wash you hands regularly).

And I also stopped eating and drinking dairy products. I don't know if this has anything to say, but I read on this site that acne and dairy is linked somehow.

And fresh air is also important. So stay outside, and not on your ass by the TV ;)

And the most important, don't stop doing this after your skin clears up. The acne might come back

I hope this will help you as much as it has helped me.

Ive tried using

10 % benzoylperoxid

acetone (worked for a few weeks, but gave me a chemical burn in my neck)

Accutane (worked for a few years, but the acne came back)

Tanning (just hides the acne)

Isopropyl alcohol

and a lot of different ointments.

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I found out later that some of my acne came from shaving with a regular Gilette razor. On the top of the Mac blades thats a fine line with some type of aloe vera. Some peoples i have talked to said they often get acne where they shave the most, so I recommend doing like me, and shave with a straight razor.

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