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Zinc picolinate or chelated zinc?

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I read that most mineral supplements, specifically zinc, cant be absorbed by our bodies well. I read that zinc picolinate is the best form to take. BUT I also read that chelated zinc is just as good or even better because of the amino acids. So which is really better? tnx! :)

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bump! I would like to know too! There is so much to research right now and I'm pretty overwhelmed. So much seems contradictory or lacking sufficient backup to whatever claims are made.

If anyone does happen to know any hard straight facts or even anecdotal evidence, please share it.


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Ordered zinc picolinate! 60x 30g tablets. Will begin by having half a tablet per day. Will update either here and/or elsewhere in the forums.

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Citrate is cheap, easily absorbed, and easier on your stomach.

I take it regularly and it has definitely helped keep breakouts to the minimum and shortens them when they do occur it seems :)

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Picolinate and L-OptiZinc are thrown out there for their bioavailable strengths. I've taken and enjoyed both immensely. My experience with them has been more successful than the chelated kind.

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Started on 30mg zinc picolinate today! Apparently it's the most effective strain (or however you call that term). Updates will be in my log.

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