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Derm. Dont know what shes talking about?

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Yea i have alot of red marks left over from previous acne. My derm said that there scars under the skin and that they wont dissapear and i pill need lazer after im done on Tane.

But i think shes lost and just wants our money.

Because I KNOW that the red marks go away. because all my new ones are almost gone, i just have alot of old ones that are alot less red but still there and stand out.

What do you think about this? Is she right or wrong? I think shes wrong.

Also what can i do for old red spots, Aloe with Vit E got rid of almost all my new redspots but my old red spots are still here.

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I had a derm say the same thing but when I confronted her the next time she corrected herself. I swear these derms have no "bed side manner". She said they call them, "Scars" But they will fade in time. I since then had to take my son to a different derm. because of a move and she said they would all go away. He has been off accutane for two weeks and I can tell they are fading slowly. The big key is to keep sunscreen on them every morning before you leave the house. Even if your just getting the mail. Any UVA on them make them longer to fade.

Personally I dont think anything but time makes them fade any faster. Hope this helps. Stay patient. Trust me I'm the worst and know how hard it is.

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Guest missyjean130

The RED will go away. If you have scarring underneath, that's a different story.

Only a couple of red marks I had turned white...because they had scarring underneath. Most of my red marks dont leave scarring behind.

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