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Calamine Lotion I love you!

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You won't believe it!

My story:

I've suffered from acne since I was 12 (now I'm 16), I tried lots of products and even took

Roaccutane for a month which made me all sick, almost anorexic (everytime I ate something, I had the filing that I'm gonna puke), depressed with no reason to live, so I dropped the freaking drug.

Yesterday, I went to the drug store not far from my house to buy a new cleanser cuz I used all Vichy gel.

I didn't have a lot of money with me (only 20 bucks) so I took the cheapest acne cleanser and asked for something cheap for my acne (I guess I still had some hope) and the girl told me maybe I should try Calamine Lotion, it costed only $4 so I took it.

So guess what?!

I put it last night and today my face is like a lot better! my chicks are pretty clear (just red marks and maybe 2 little pimples on each side), the pimples on my forehead are now so small that it doesn't bother me anymore.

A lesson Ilearned, try at first the cheap stuff!!

Cuz I tried a lot! And everything was very expensive (at least 40 dollars just for some cleanser).

Try it!

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