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blender vs. juicer

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Hello people!

I've decided to start with green smoothies and want to buy a machine. As far as I know there are two different types of machines: Blenders and juicers.

The result of a blender is a more or less thick food mass (sorry about my English), called a smoothie. There are no left overs.

A juicer on the other hand makes perfectly fluid juice and there will be left overs from your fruits and vegetables that you throw away.

Is there an advantage of blenders over juicers with regard to health. -Or the other way round?

Speaking in favor of blenders, could it be, that the leftovers that would be thrown away in the case of a juicer are actually nutritionally important? Or speaking in favor of juicers, could it be, that the nutrients in juice can be absorbed better than the nutrients in smoothies, because smoothies are thicker?

Ok, since I want to buy a really good machine for around 400$, it would be great, if you could let me know which one (blender or juicer) is better with regard to health and also why that is so.

Thanks for helping!





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Blender all the way. Juicers are somewhat wasteful, imo, because you throw out so much of the food unless you add the pulp back in to juice...which seems pointless because you would be better off with the blender in the first place.

The "leftovers" are important. Throwing them away is a waste of food and money. Consume the whole food. Get a blender.

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I would recommend to buy the blender first.

Because for green smoothies (the recipes) you will need a blender. Bananas, berries, leafy greens, avocodos, nuts, seeds,...this will only go with a blender. you can practically put everything in a blender. Its great.

I have a juicer also. For apples, pears, carrots, celery, beetroot, ... I always forget to add some olive oil to my fresh juice because i am so eager to drink it after juicing. (delicious!)

These fruits and veggies have a higher content of fructose. And with a acne-diet you should even be careful with fructose- i heard.

e.g. 3-4 carrots, 1 apple, 2 bars of celery : this will make a small glass/amount of fresh juice.

Well if it's insulin you are worried about then I hate to tell you that fats mixed with simple sugars (Juiced carrots and fruits) raise insulin more than if you just ate the juice alone. You'd be better off taking fiber or protein with it or eating the juice with a balanced meal.

As far as juicer or a blender, it's hard to say. Some people say that the high speeds of many juicers wreck the nutrients but this is only a little and they are mostly trying to scare you. If you get a lot of fiber in your diet anyway then a juicer might be best for you. It's certainly easier to down.

If you pick a juicer and are willing to spend the money then I suggest you get a low speed one. Only because they give you more juice and usually the low speed ones give you the option of both a low speed blender/mincer, etc... and a low speed juicer.

I have an Omega and it's perfect. About one turn of the auger per second, not dozens. It also makes nut butters and soy milks and whatever.

Here is what I have. I got mine on sale for $250. http://www.earthnotions.ca/pages/omega8003.html#

I suggest you try to get it in the US if you live there because it weighs 15 lbs with the box and everything and shipping won't be that cheap.

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Thanks everyone for answering!

Ok, blender seems to be the better choice with regard to health. So I'll probably get a blender.I heard vitamix and blendtec are the best, vitamix being slightly better.


So the omega that you have can be used both as a blender and a juicer? That would be perfect, I could make smoothies and juices with just one machine.

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