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have huge scar on jaw that keeps breaking out!

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hey guys....well tonight i'm wondering about this scar that i have on my jawline that's huge. i once got a really itchy big cyst there and it was HUGE! ever since then i keep getting cysts in the same area. i can be clear almost everywhere else, but right where that scar is and just next to it i seem to get more cysts. when one heals, another pops up right next to it. meds keep it under control and the inflammation down. anyone know what it is? and what can i do about seriously itchy flaky skin due to benzalin? that stuff works miracles but makes my skin so dry and flaky, and sometimes red......hook me up with some info please....i need a good moisturizer....

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Isn't it annoying? You think "ahh, pimple is gone" then in a week you get another one in the same area...

I have one scar that pimples go over it and over it every time. It won't heal lol

All i do is put BP in it then it comes to a head after a while...

I don't moisturize though... i have oily skin and putting it on will make me look reaaaaaaaaaaaally oily.. which i don't like... So i'd rather wait 20 mins for my face to shine again! Naturally... that is. :dance:

Do you apply that medication all over your face or just your problem area?

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i apply all over. i was just applying to the trouble spots, but i started breaking out in new areas, so now i use it all over to try to prevent acne from coming about! LOL! but yeah, it's never good when it recurs in the same spot over and over. talk about MAD scarring!

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exactly it happens to me too1!the pimple swells down, and then it forms a scar. then pimples start forming on the scar or beside it!! like an alliance! maybe the bacteria spreads within the area .

so iguess we just gotta keep slathing on those pimple creams.

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