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I have a hard time believing she's being possessive for the sake of being possessive. Obviously you mean something to her, otherwise she wouldn't give a crap about what you do with your life.

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you have to think of yourself as better than your friend... it seems like you feel that she is above you.. in fact it sounds like she is a drama queen and she needs you more than you need her. . . once you understand that, her insults will be ineffective.. remember everyone can find a way to make fun of anyone : If I can't take a joke then fuck me. This is how you should percieve it.

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It's completely understandable that it's hard for you to end a long-term relationship, but frankly, the point is: You have to end it. The way she's treating you is absolutely disgusting. If I were in your shoes, I would've slugged her a long time ago, but then I'm pretty straightforward about what I think.

She doesn't deserve you. It's going to be a complete circle constantly if you don't break off the friendship soon. Better now than later because later, it'll be even hard to let go.

Chin up, though, love. I have acne and my friends poke fun at it a lot--but they also let me know that I'm still beautiful with it :] Those are real friends. The ones that stick by you and insert a little positivity within their negatives.

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People, like your best friend, are usually really insecure about themselves. That is why they feel the need to put someone down. This way, they feel better.

I think you need to have a heart to heart with her...and let her know that the things she says hurt you and are hurting the "relationship." If she continues to act this way (which might happen since she probably has no idea how not to do this - it is a habit) end things by just cutting her out.


You can also try to make her feel awesome about herself by complimenting her. Sometimes people will mimic your behavior.

Good luck!

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