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Hi. I am about 2-3 months into the regimin.. but i am having some problems with eye wrinkles, neck drying, andnew acne.

I am not sure how to consider myself.. I am between mild and moderate acne (I get 100`s of tiny skin colored bumps on my cheeks.. and occasionaly I get the typical pink acne that gets white in the middle over time...)with naturaly oily skin. I slowly got into the regimin, and I just began using 2 pumps of BP 1 week ago.

Since my skin is super sensitive I am not able to use many products. Plus, I live in Japan, so it makes it difficult to get the products from America. I try to use natural products and try to keep away from chemical stuff.. even though BP is SUPER chemically..lol

My skin regimin includes:

AHA oil cleanser

Dr. Bronners Magic Soap LAVENDER (99% organic)

Occasionally a 7% AHA soap

Green Tea and ACV toner 50/50

BP 2 pumps

Jojoba oil with Tea Tree and Lavender oil

Aloe Vera gel

Egyptian Magic Cream

Make up:

BRTC BB CREAM(This is a Korean skin care/foundation/primer that is full of herbs and oils and that is supposed to be good for the skin)


Now on to my questions

**Is there anything natural I can use to moisturize my eyes to avoid being all wrinkly. I was thinking of using vit. E oil or olive oil...

**What can I use on my neck to keep it from drying up so much??

**Is it normal to still be getting pimples?? I wonder if I am doing something wrong..

Any advice I can get would really be helpful! Thank you so much for reading this. I am sorry it is so long.. :wub:

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I'm not sure, but I think you might be using too much of everything. You are probably irritating the crap out of your skin. I suggest that you use 3-4 items in your regimen:

1. Gentle Cleanser (this means no medicated cleansers)

2. BP (2.5%)

3. Good moisturizer

Using products like tea tree oil and too much AHA can cause irritation, which can cause acne. Try using AHA 1-2 times per week. Also, natural doesn't always mean better when it comes to acne prone skin. For instance, lavender oil is very irritating. Also, you might want to look at other makeup options (even though the ingredients are natural...they could be pore clogging or irritating).

I suggest that you read through the treatment review pages to see what items people recommend. I hope this helps! :)

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Hi! Thank you for your suggestions!!! I decided to give up on the ACV for a while. I read up on my face wash and I found out it had....Saponified Organic Coconut Oil. Do you think that might be triggering breakouts?? What does Saponifed mean??? Sounds kind of scary....

I was thinking of keeping the Jojoba oil but just using like 3 drops.. Before I was using like 6.. because I'm super dry...

I hope it works..

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