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Is there an initial breakout with Dan's AHA+?

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I have been using the AHA+ for a week or so and I'm noticing that I'm breaking out in areas where I normally get hardly any acne. Is there always an initial breakout with AHA? I have been using Paula's salicylic acid over my whole face at night before I started the AHA, and I never had any major issues. Since switching to Dan's AHA I'm getting a few red marks on my cheeks and to the sides of my nose, an area that never breaks out for me anymore.

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I also just started using AHA and have experienced an initial breakout, so it might be normal. Ive decided to use it less often, as the introduction of a new product probably but stress on my skin. If I keep breaking out after 2-3 weeks I will probably stop using it, though.

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I'm having a breakout too and its been about 2 months of using it, I believe. I use it in the morning in place of BP and as a moisturizer and it has improved my skin complexion and everything, but I say the breakouts are because it exfoliates so much that it gets the acne thats far under the skin, I say after a while it will stop, its not that bad for me anymore and it stops for a while, then I breakout again, every time I break out I think of it as a good thing. I think its getting the stuff that was going to happen anyways, but early.

Its also a wonderful spot treatment, I use it on pimples when their small and they grow big and explode before the end of the day, next morning their gone. Its excellent, and I believe thats what its doing to the small stuff - once its all gone it should be perfect skin left.

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