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My Derm Poped my zits "the right way"

So I went in to my appointment and e did a laser facial. but before he did that he "extracted" my zits...

WTF? i have been trying so hard not to touch them things and here he comes with his big fat fingers and pops them ALL!!!

I asked him if it would cause scarring and he let his assistant answer by saying

"when you pop your own zits you push th bacteria back down, but when HE does it he pushes them from underneath."


so i went home with huge scabs. By the way some of the pimples he poped hadnt enven come to a head. They were just sore red bumps, and somehow he was able to push the fuck out of them all the sebum he could....

Then I got scabs, and guess what??? every scab grew a fucking white head underneath. I washed my face just now and one really huge one started oozing more sebum and bleeding like a volcano. And I KNOW its not done, becasue the pore still sits on a huge rock hard mountain and it's surrounded by more little zits. Thanks Derm. you just gave me MORE scars. THis is the guy who gave me Fraxel to reverse scarring a few months ago... so I hope he knows what he is doing, but how can this be any different. In my experience, a volcano like that is gonna leave a mark... a huge one.

So anyways, what to do when a zit is poped and blood starts oozing out. what do i put on it?

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See the link at the end of my signature for some ways to help reduce the size/duration of a pimple.

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mog thats terrible. he didnt even use an ejector??? disgusting. go to a differnt derm. idiot

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