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Have you ever thought?

Ive been thinking. Maybe the reason people aren't finishing their acne phases are because of the medications and topicals they are using? Maybe acne isnt leaving because everyone keeps damaging their face with chemicals and other medications. Maybe if we left our acne alone, it would end quicker.

This is just a little theory because whenever i hear people finished and get clear, they always seem to be saying o no! my acnes back or those people who say ive had acne for 10 years! tahts not normal.. im pretty sure their acne would have left them a long time ago if they left their acne alone.

Im just citing this out, i dont want to offend or hurt anyone just a theory prove me wrong if you want i actualyl want to know myself :D thx

oh and also i think the rate of people with acne is increasing =X and maybe that is because of these medications taht are supposed to "help us" i beleive most of them do, just temproarily.

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Yep, that's my theory as well. Hence why I leave my face the hell alone nowadays. Even with people taking Accutane, clear skin is not guranteed to last forever. They could be clear today, tommorow, and for the next 10 years but then all of a sudden they're 32 and wake up with a breakout on thier face. Accutane again? Topicals? What do you do then?

I don't think most of us are meant to get acne beyond a certain period of time. There's just SOOO MANY chemical solutions out there that I undoubtedly buy into the fact that people's acne keeps coming back because we all want quick fixes to everything. The rate of adult acne now compared to say, 20 years ago, is alarming.

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thats exactly how i feel. i have never used anything on my face!! ahh tahts crazy right. I dunno i have so much support behind me like my family telling me not to do anything. So far i have had acne for like a year now and it seems to finally be going away. And i have been tolerant because i dont just have mild acne. I have bad acne but its going away so im happy! RESILIENCY LIKE MLK WOOOWOOO hahaha jk

phew at least someone agrees with me :)

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Yea i feel the same way. My brother actually told me once to not even use that crap. I'm definitely starting to believe him. i mean yea they can help get rid of the pimple faster but not too many of us have any real knowledge of the things in these products. Having acne going on 6 years now im trippin because its ruined my whole teenage life and im starting to feel like it may try to ruin my adult life. As soon as i get enough money im gettin a new routine.

Get a juicer and drink plenty of vegetables a day

Get a blender and drink plenty of fruit smoothies a day

Drink plenty of water a day

Wash with goats milk soap in shower

Blot excess oil with natural oil blotting sheets

Come to think of it I actually got kicked out of my house for a while and all i had was some vitamin e moisturizer and my acne seemed to significantly improve :think:

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