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B5 powder....questions!

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Hi all

Sorry if this has been posted a million times before but i searched and searched and couldnt find an answer. Feel free to point me in the right direction if you have a link!

I am about to start B5 powder. I used it in capsule form a while a go but gave up because of cost and my acne seemed to be getting better.

I am a little relcutant to start it because i actually dont have oily skin at all. My skin is neither oily or dry to be honest....quite normal apart from the spots obviously! My skin is only dry when i use products with alcohol or other topicals that are supposed to dry you out. I believe my acne is hormonal and has steadily got worse over the last year or so. I am currently awaiting a scan to see if i have PCOS which i am expecting to be positive.....has anyone else on here had success with B5 powder who has hormonal acne? Mine are mostly cystic/nodules although i have been putting lemon juice on my face which seems to bring them to a head.

I also need to know how i take it.....am i right in thinking i should take a teaspoon with water 3 times a day? I also saw somewhere that 10g=3 Tablespoons so if anyone can clear this up for me i would be grateful!

Thanks in advance....hope someone can help me out so i can start taking this!



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just bumping this to the top incase it went unnoticed. Does anyone know the correct way to take the powder? I dont know if it is 3 tablespoons a day or 3 teaspoons?!

I actually started it yesterday and just went with 1/2 tsp 3 times a day to begin with. But its not too accurate and i am worried i am not doing it right? Also found that just swallowing it direct from the spoon and chasing with water was easier than trying to mix it in a glass....anyone know if that is ok too?

Advice gratefully received.


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Thanks for the reply...much appreciated. I dont see any difference yet although i feel like they got a little worse. I know this sometimes happens so will stick with it. I am now taking a teaspoon 3 times a day which is the full10g dose as i understand it. I am a little worried that it isnt that accurate and my pee is not as yellow/green as it was when i did it with the tablets....anyone know if this matters? I thought perhaps it might mean i am not taking enough but does anyone have any idea if the yellow/green pee thing happens to everyone and if it does then should i be concerned i dont have it yet?! hheehh sorry to talk about pee but i am becoming obsessed with it!

Thanks again.....i just hope i see some improvement soon as i am becoming more and more depressed with the state of my skin.



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I am not truly sure this will work for Acne, I am not sure of the metabolic pathways between pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) and Acne. I am sorry you are depressed about your skin. I do not think Vitamin B5 is strong enough for Acne, and I am not sure about the doctor and his studies that showed that it was effective. I would be cautious about getting your hopes up for anything to work, that has not been seriously proven, and relies on internet testimonials et cetera... I would think more about it before I parted with my cash. The last thing you want is bad skin + cash flow problems, even though you spent the cash to "fix" your skin.

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