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There's a whole thread somewhere on ACV but I'll just tell you how I use it.

First off, I buy it at any local grocery store or health shop. The brand I get is Braggs Organic, Raw, Ufiltered ACV. (But any organc ACV would do) Depending on what country you're in, you'll most likely find this product in the same aisle as the salad dressings, or possibly in the sort of ethnic food section.

As far as using it. I drink two tablespoons of it a day mixed with some water or apple juice. (1 TB in the morning, one at night)

As for using it topically, I mix a little ACV in a shot glass, then add some filtered water. So maybe a ratio of 25% ACV, 75% water......but it's all about how sensistive your skin is, and finding the right balance for you.

I apply the ACV mixture several times a day (I also add a bit of tea tree oil in mine) just on a cotton ball and apply all over my face. I DO NOT wash it off. Nor do I add anything on top of it.

I've been using this for just over a week and my skin is glowing. It has reduced the redness from my bumps, and appears to be slowly drying them up. The little cysts I get on my period healed muuuuch faster than normal....and I'm currently fighting just one inflamed cyst on my cheek. I'm not sure about whether or not it will give you an initial breakout...but mine seemed to at first cause a few little redmarks, but those are going away now. All in all, I think the benefits far outweigh any negative aspects of ACV. Good luck!

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"Do you think it is the ACV or the flax seed oil that is improving your complexion?"

Not too sure. However I did start the ACV a few days before the Flaxseed oil, and already my skin was looking a nicer colour.

To be honest, I'm too scared to stop taking anything to test what is working, because it's going pretty well so far! But also, Flaxseed oil has so many health benefits, that even if it were the ACV that was clearing my skin, I would continue on the Flaxseed oil as well!

It might just be a big combination of the ACV, Flaxseed Oil, and TTO that is improving my skin, and I don't mind taking all these if it means my skin is looking healthier.

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