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Skin not healing properly[scarring easily]

Hi, i am on dan's regimen. That has worked more than accutane as i am not getting cyst acne[Although i am not gonna lie, first couple of weeks on accutane my skin was 100% clear but i was told to use for a longer period of time and it just severly scarred my skin]

So ok, if i get cut, it takes me months for my skin to heal[im talking about small scratches] For example, if my cat gives me a small scratch on my forearm. It would take nearly 2-3 months for it to dissapear. Of course i still have mild acne[i get about 3-4 pimples every day. Not to big though but they just stay for a long time sometimes. Even though it is basically gone(black marks and red marks)]

I am afriad to get a dermabrasion because i am dark skin colored[not to dark but i am darker than most normal brown skinned people] I just dont know what to do. If i get bit by a insect, it stays for almost 2-3 weeks. About 6 weeks ago i got bit by misquito's on my leg and i still have scabs from that incident lol.

What should i be taking to help my skin heal? What can i do to get rid of current scars once my skin begins to heal better? I have no health insurance so i cannot go to a derm at the moment. I am trying to search the forum but i just decided to post this to see if my skin condition is normal. I used to do a 30% acid peel[i think thats the number] and it wouldnt really get rid of my scars. I am currently unemployed but i will be getting some money soon. I will have 1500$ for my acne purposes. I want to get rid of this problem once and for all. I have all the time in the world to deal with this, please help. Thanks!

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