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the annoying evil red dot thing

Hey guys does any1 hav any suggestions?

I used to hav severe acne, so i got on iceotane last October (07). It worked like a miracle for me, and despite often having dry skin, it is a far cry from what i used to put up with. I got off iceotane last june, but started up again on a low intake last month (august). Btw this may be completely irrelevant, i just thought i'd add it incase it had some sort of impact on my main problem.

My main problem is that ever since march this year, i've had this red mark/blocked pore right in the centre of my forehead, about half a cm above my eyes. I couldn't be happier with the rest of my skin, despite the dryness and occasional pimple, but seriously. This mark thing will NOT go away. It started off as a sort of slightly swollen black head with no redness back at th beginning of march. I left it(regret this) but it faded for about a month and a half. Then it appeared again as this swollen red mark that just sort of rose from the dead one morning. I squeezed it, and some stuff came out, but nothing much. Ever since, it has been a slightly raised, red spot in the centre of my forehead. I always think i've got it, but never do. Nothing comes out anymore, but it feels like there's a blockage in it. But seriously, it is bright red and i've been covering it up all year but now want to strike the problem, not just cover it. I fear if i don't do something it will NEVER go away. Also, it flares up if i haven't had enough sleep, or if i've been in hot temperatures. Yet still nothing comes out.

(I also know iceotane slows down healing, but this mark is the only one still remaining. It hasn't faded)

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i know exactly what you mean except i have about 100 of those marks! for me it depends more what kind of spot it was in the first place, if it came from deep then it marks for a long time, im now seeing some older marks disappear coming up to about a year ive had them, some otheres which are about 5 months old dont seem to have changed at all. in my experience the marks often dont change for months and months then over the course of a week will fade and disappear.

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