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cyst? I DONT KNOW!?

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i popped a really bad cyst on my nose about 2 months ago. it was really soft and tender and didnt hurt anymore; i thought it wouldnt go away so i stuck a needle in it and managed to get a lot of puss out. it's practically healed now and you cant really tell anything is there, but there's a small bump. i dont know whatt it is :( . i dont know if it well ever go away. what should i do? anyone, help??

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Never ever ever pop a cystic pimple. Now, that theres damage, the best advice I can give is to leave it alone. I know it seems like youve been waiting a century for it to go away and that its hard to resist the temptation to pop, but please dont pop cysts and it will go away; it might take a long time but it will heal. All we can do in life is our best so please try your best to not fiddle with it anymore

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i have the same problem. I had a cyst a couple months ago and now its just a soft squishy thing that doesnt hurt anymore, under my skin.

I just hope it goes away and doesnt come back!

BUT Do notttttt pick or mess with cysts. it'll make it 100000 times worse!

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