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Thanks fore All your Help!!!

Thanks to everyone that has responsed. I went to the Emerency Room today ahd the Doc totally blew me off telling me he sees no scars (eventhough my derm who put me on the Accutane in the first place told me there were and that I can sue and get at least $100,000 from the Doc that performed the IPL on me when he thought it was the IPL that caused the marks)

The ER doc told me to go see a Rumologist, which I have an appointment with one on Oct 13th the soonest they could get me in. He said then just wait and go then, that they were not able to draw blood there and get the answers for mer any sooner!!!

I am having new scars pop up every day and they don't understand why I am upset that I have to wait two weeks with the scarring continuing before anyone will see me. This is crazy. The doc that put me on the Accutane denies that the scarring has anything to do with the Accutane and that it was not wrong oof him to put me on the Accutane to stop my blackheads and mild pimples!!!! He said he would call the Rumologist and try to get me in sooner great help.

As far as products I am not doing anything to irriate the skin. I am being very mild with it and keeping it mostorized with a very milded mosterozier. I started taking a lot of suplements including, Vit C, B5, MSM, Biotin and Omega 3 and Flax seed oil. Lamarr said that he found that Fatty Acids made it much worse so I stopped immediately taking it. I stopped all supplements afraid I could be doing more damage. I might start back with Vit C , B5, MSM liquid Silicone again and Drink plenty of water. I am going to continue with the anti histimine and maybe start the mirtazapine gut I am afraid of the side effects of the mirtazipine and asked Lamarr if he thinks the anti histimine alone will stop it so that I don't have to take the mirtazipine.

Again, I thank you all for your help, concern, kind words and info.

I will try to hang in there and get thru this, I know there are much worse things in the world but when you are going through something like this it does seem pretty bad especially when your docs don't know what is going on and are not helping you.

I will keep you posted on what the Rumologist has to say and my progress.

Thanks Again and God Bless


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