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Hey! I guess I should start with some history!

So I've suffered from mild-moderate acne since Grade 7 to Grade 10. For Grade 11, I was, for the most part, clear! All I can say is that I thought I was totally free from this curse! But sadly, no. Only a WEEK before I started Grade 12, I started to break out. I tried gentle cleansers (Since I was clear before, I didn't think I needed something strong) like baby soaps, Cetaphil, etc. But it just got much worse. I got acne ALL over my forehead and cheeks and started to break out on my chin where I never ever broke out before. There were inflammed and I would wake up with my face covered in whiteheads. There were some days where it was so bad that I just didn't leave the house. So finally, after a month, I had moderate-severe acne. I went to see my doctor and this is what I got:

50mg of Minocycline per day

Clindoxyl Gel in the Morning

Differin Gel in the Evening

Day 1

Okay, so first day! I started last night, I washed my face with Johnson's Head-to-Toe (It's for babies, but it has the best reviews for a cleanser!) and applied the Differin Gel. I took Micocycline with 700ml of water. This morning, the whiteheads I have weren't as noticeable as they usually are, so that's a godsend.

I'm really interested to see if the Minocycline will work. When I read about it on the forums, people got 50mg prescriptions to take twice daily... I feel safe from the serious side effects, but the dosage is low so I'm wondering if it'll still work. I've taken the two topical gels before in the same order and that's what cleared me up before. But my acne wasn't as bad back then.

So I just got home (7:30pm) and I'm seeing all the whiteheads again. Great. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Hopefully better. I'm sure I need to get a stronger wash, because when I use this baby cleanser, I do find that I become oily again as the day progresses. I asked my doctor about another cleanser before, but I didn't think I'd need a strong one. But appearantly, it'd work better, so I'm going to buy Benzac like she recommended. This probably won't be for awhile though... So... We'll have to see how it goes without it.

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I suggest using BP for the white heads to spot treat. Not too much though. It will work especially nice if you have a gentle cleanser, so your face wont get too dry. I don't think 50mg is a high enough dose though, I was on on 100mg twice a day for very little to moderate acne. I even upped that dosage to 200mg in the morning and 100mg at night. But I recently found this Nature's cure two step thing, it has these pills that help with your hormones and it also comes with a BP 5% cream that has aloe vera and something else in it. I suggest looking for that.

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