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emergency cortisone injection!!!

Hey guys, I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong topic since I'm relatively new and I don't know where this would go, but I need some advice. A few weeks ago I started taking Yaz for my mild-mod acne. This gave me a reaction and I got three cysts on my face. :doh: I never had this type of acne before so I know it's from Yaz. I stopped using Yaz immediately. But now I have this big cyst on my forehead which I need gone ASAP because I refuse to leave the house like this. I know I sound very whiney heh. I had a cortisone injection from my derm on another cyst last week and it worked beautifully. When I called my derm today for an emergency cortisone injection, he wasn't there and he doesn't return to the office by Friday. I also called my physician but they don't administer cortisone injections. Now, I don't know who to call or where else to go to get an emergency injection. Should I call another derm? What should I do? :cry: I REALLY need the cortisone! Please help!!!! Thank you!

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Yes call another derm. Explain situation to office that yours is out of town. Tell then name of Dr you are seeing. Hopefully they will squeeze you in. Those things are best treated when they are at their most inflamed stage.

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